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    Want: Novritsch SSX23
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  1. Yup. I simply asked for advice and they started to bully and mock me, when I created a thread they all commented rude on it and called me a fake and that I’d have blamed myself. 🤬
  2. That sounds great. There is an airsoft forum but I wasn’t there anymore since I got bullied by a bunch of members.
  3. I have, I just wasn’t sure if we are allowed to post links. here you go: https://www.umarex.com/products/airsoft/spring-operated/2.5161.html So that means I’ve to get 0,25g bbs?
  4. Haha, I just wondered if my 0,20 would work in there. Yes your second point is the problem, there are all guns available internationally and im not allowed to buy them.
  5. Thank you very much. I’ve searched so long for feedback to the 1911, but there wasn’t any English review. I have ordered the HW Version with Metal slide on the 92fs
  6. I can’t drive Bicycle, never had the opportunity to learn it, also it would be a bit far to drive all that kilometers. Have no one to drive me either. I’m sure, I’ll but it won’t be easy.
  7. I would totally forget about Taiwangun, as for the case you need to return something, their return policy and customer service is awful. 1. You have to pay the shipping costs yourself in case of returning (no good store does that, at least not here). 2.) They take like forever to send you a shipping label. 3.) They stop answering you during the process.
  8. Because no one seems to use these two mentioned springers I simply ordered both of them for the case that one of them doesn’t work.
  9. Returned the SP2022 and got a Beretta 92FS and TM 1911A1 (both Springers). I got both for the case that one of them doesn’t work. If I have gotten my refunds back for the AEP (im still waiting for the shipping label. I don’t recommend buying from Taiwangun) and my SP2022, if so I will buy a SSX23 or something else if it is enough to cover most of the costs.
  10. I’d go for the Tm one, simply because it is TM and I had a bad experience with Cyma as my battery was sparking out of the box.
  11. It’s an awesome weapon but it’s the same as with the TM MK23, it’s forever unavailable in Germany, it is available overseas but our weapon laws don’t allow us to purchase a gun with above 0,5 J that doesn’t have the „F“-Sign already when being purchased, which isn’t the case by weapons from overseas. Yes I think so too. I really hate that „F“-Sign - Law. I just wish there would be a used one available as the shiny new one is 135€ and then I’d need still a foamy suppressor and Gas as well as heavier bbs (yet I only have 0,20g Bbs).
  12. Well, I tried but after watching some Reviews there are some cases where some experienced airsofters had difficulties with that gun, so although it could be possible, it can also be a defect of the gun I received. I mean, these guns are manufactured for teens from the age of 14 and I saw even younger ones with it on YouTube, so they can’t manufacture it that strong that only adult men can cock it to that extent. Today I tried again and when I use all my force I can cock it only to a third of your extent. I’m thinking about returning it. As you are experienced with Springers I have some questio
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