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    VFC HK416C V2, TM XDM-40, Army 1911A1
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    wz.93 Pantera - Polish Land Forces
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    Wolfgang, The MAW, Gunman Camp Bravo, Z-Mart
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  1. Absolutely awesome shotgun-only event today. Turns out those Double Eagle single-shot springers are tough little fuckers...

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    2. Rogerborg


      I've seen a few pistol-shotgun days, but never a shotgun only.  Where were you lucky enough to do that?

    3. IFartedOnTheWayHere


      This was at Wolfgang Airsoft in Leicestershire. 48 players on site, all armed with M401s. Awesome.

    4. Hrimfaxi


      Would love an event like that!

  2. Time Left: 2 days and 15 hours

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    Selling my awesome little VFC HK416C. I love it, but unexpected financial priorities mean it needs to go. Rifle is totally stock and in excellent condition as it's only been skirmished 3-4 times. Shoots consistently around 320fps. Includes PTS battery foregrip, PEQ-style battery box, V2 MOSFET, 1x Battleaxe 120rd midcap and 1x VFC 300rd hicap (which doesn't quite lock into the magwell for some reason). £320 ONO. Payment via PayPal or cash on collection from Loughborough, Leicestershire. Shipping can also be discussed.


    Loughborough, Leicestershire - GB

  3. Good evening, Went to clean and lube my TM XDM after yesterday's game day and found two (presumably linked?) issues. At first, pulling the trigger had no effect, in that the hammer wouldn't fire when the trigger was pulled. This eventually corrected itself. Fine, I thought, so I inserted a mag, only for the gas to vent as soon as the mag was inserted. Weird. Tried it with my other two mags and it happened again. The pistol was bought brand new in June, has been used during about eight or nine skirmishes. I use green gas and various brands of .25s. The pistol has been regularly cleaned and relubed. Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated.

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    Selling my Army Armament R31. Has been well looked after mechanically, so fires smoothly and crisply. Slide could do with some fresh paint but otherwise the pistol is pretty clean. Includes Fobus holster and 3x CO2 mags. All three mags fit and feed perfectly, but need their CO2 piercer valves replaced (a cheap and easy job), hence the price. Offers welcome. Payment via PayPal or cash on collection from Loughborough, Leicestershire.


    Loughborough, Leicestershire - GB

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    Selling my JG G36C. Only seen two game days so in excellent condition overall, although handguard and stock could do with some fresh paint. Includes 1x 470rd hicap, 5x 120rd hicap, 1x 8.4v NiMH battery and 1x 7.4v LiPo battery. Would make a perfect starter rifle or backup. Offers welcome. Payment via PayPal or cash on collection from Woking, Surrey.


    Woking, Surrey - GB

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    Selling my G&G CM16 Firehawk. In excellent condition overall and running perfectly. Have named it Brian Blessed because...amplifier. Includes stock flip-up iron sights, amplifier and 300rd GMag hicap. Also includes 3x KWA MS 120rd midcaps, 1x 7.4v LiPo battery, Knight's-style QD foregrip and short suppressor. Would make perfect first rifle or CQB tool. Payment via PayPal or cash on collection from Woking, Surrey. Shipping can also be discussed.


    Woking, Surrey - GB

  7. great games at the MAW today. would seriously recommend to anyone in the East Mids/Leicestershire area who hasn't been yet.

  8. Great day at Ambush Ockham today. Super tight, aggressive gameplay from both sides. I still feel sorry for those poor fookers in the bus...

  9. hadn't thought of that! I'm heading to the MAW in Melton Mowbray a week Sunday, so that might be a good opportunity...
  10. sadly not - I rang Patrol Base and they won't do it, as they've had to two-tone the gun.
  11. tbh I genuinely thought the value would drop catastrophically, so that doesn't sound too bad. can you recommend a good way of removing the paint without melting the plastic?
  12. Impulse bought myself a pew pew before deciding I wanted to renew my UKARA. Couldn't cancel the order, and I'm looking to lose as little money as possible... Soooo, what could I get for a brand new JG G36C? Standard variant with handguard, stock and magwell in two-tone blue. Will include 9.6 NiMH battery and 470rd hicap mag. Will have never been fired. Paid £120 from Patrol Base.
  13. it's my turn! I want a go! started out in my family's runabout - '09 Toyota Yaris with the 1.0 Aygo engine. very practical and sipped fuel, but had less pulling power than a bluebottle fly. as you'll see, I'm a sucker for cheap black VWs. bought myself an '05 Golf TDI for cheap, cleaned it up, changed the coil springs and drop links, and sold it for double what I paid for it. currently on Polly, my '06 Polo 12V. bought her for cheap as an MOT failure, fixed and cleaned her up, now looking to do a few upgrades - 16" alloys, nicer steering wheel, dent delete, scratch delete... would love a Mk6 Golf TSI/TDI in the future.
  14. If this is in the wrong place, please let me know and I'll move it. I'm planning on buying a bog-standard G36C as my new main arm, with the intention of making it a bit more..."tactical". New stock, STANAG magwell adapter, railed handguard, that sort of thing. I'm torn between the JG G36C (https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/jing-gong-g608-ar36-railed-handle-w-folding-stock?pv=5357) and the more expensive, but much nicer, G&G G36C (https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/g-and-g-armament-ar36-assault-rifle?pv=5647), and currently deciding between the two. The JG seems like the more cost-effective option - I know that they're reliable and durable, hence they're often used as site rental guns, and I know that mag compatibility and parts compatibility won't be an issue. However, I'm worried that it'll feel a bit more toy-like, and I don't know what the longevity will be like. The G&G is a big step up in terms of build quality and materials quality, the performance looks a lot more consistent without internal upgrades, and generally seems like the more solid rifle. I am, however, concerned about parts compatibility - I want to fit a JG rail system and magwell adapter, and I don't know if these would work or fit with the G&G rifle. Any advice on/experience with these two guns and mods would be very helpful!
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    Here we have my lovely TM MEU. I've had it from new and only skirmished it twice, as I love it far too much to trash it. However, I don't see the point in keeping a gun that I don't actually use, so I'd much rather it went to someone who will enjoy using it. Condition is excellent, with a few very minor marks. Fires crisply and consistently, around the 230fps mark. This package includes the pistol itself, as well as a pair of gas-tight TM 26rd mags. All three items have recently been cleaned and serviced. £120 (posted) or £110 collected, ONO. Payment via PayPal or cash on collection from my home in Woking, Surrey.


    Woking, Surrey - GB

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