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    King Arms Peacemaker, 4 inch matte black version Bought on a whim for looks, spins and a cowboy kit, used in one game day where it mostly sat in the holster and missed in a duel. More of a collector's piece than anything, there's no hop in the barrel so shots vary wildly in accuracy and don't travel far so you have to get close. Chronos at 250-270 fps on 0.2s. Serial number is 666. Has been fully cleaned and serviced prior to posting the ad, gas reservoir can develop leaks in the bottom but as of writing it has been sorted following o-ring replacements and additional teflon tape. Has minor wear from standard use, key points being the cylinder index notches and the hammer. Includes all 6 shells and a handmade leather crossdraw holster. Postage and paypal fees included in price, can be lowered if collected, located in Nottingham. Will consider offers, will only consider trades or part ex for Vietnam M16A1s or XM177s, nothing else.



  2. Ah darn, at least you got spares still
  3. Hopefully this isn't too much of a necropost, but while I don't know where to find a spare nut/plastic bit, I managed to lose the small bolt on mine last weekend (brand new gun too). After trying 5 different sizes of bolt, I've found it fits 1.4mm diameter. Hope this helps you or at least someone.
  4. I had a look and it is the SOE vest, real ones are mega expensive and I didn't trust the copies so I just got some appropriate looking pouches for my Condor Ronin rig. Here's the full look if you're interested: https://imgur.com/gallery/8FBHTWI/comment/1586208749 It's all molle rather than alice but it's skirmishable at least.
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