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  1. What are peoples favourite brands currently? Got a new Website, new Logo and loads new stock due soon, going to be a busy few weeks! 

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    2. CES_williamson


      Sadly we will be changing most of our stock to RIF's but once those start getting popular I am sure we will get some new ranges in which will certainly include internal parts! Though if you are in need of a specific part drop me a PM or email and I will always try and get it in for you :)

    3. Jedi_Master


      Moving away from budget range will be good. Personally (not as Moderator) when I see cheap spring pistols and bright coloured cheap guns it just looks like another shop with "BB gun" in its name. Not somewhere I would take seriously. Favourite brands are still TM and Krytac.

    4. CES_williamson


      Hi jedi, the main reason we got in a budget range was simply to have a product which new players can buy to practice shooting and get into the airsoft world, because before we got this we didnt have anything for new players or people who just wanted a basic bb gun not for airsofting, if you look at literally any airsoft retailer, they all have these ranges, we just simply brought one in recently but this is pretty much where it stops as we wont be pursuing growing this range at all! instead we will be putting all of our focus into increasing our range of RIF range, but we certainly wont be becoming a budget retailer, our budget range will probably stay the size it is now as this is not something I am going to be pushing! (hope this explains the position on this!) TM and Krytac we are certainly looking into, just waiting on the new krytac shipment into the UK to see what new goodies they are sending over, the NGRS range is also something I am keen on getting into! 

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