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  1. Have all the Element X300 's vanished off the planet? Can only find them on wish?!

  2. Hoping that my WE MP5 gets released from customs... pretty please, should have my UKARA on the front 😳

  3. TM MP7 owners, do me a small favour please, carefully remove your nozzle return spring, and measure the outer diameter of the spring and length please.


    lost mine, order a new one from Europe €21!!!


    wondering if I can get some eBay specials and cut them down

  4. Nice little quality of life improvement on my Cyma shorty 😄


    1. Rogerborg


      Grip tape?


      I bought some for that purpose, but it felt like sandpaper so I've held off.


      Interested to hear how you get on in practice.

    2. Cipher-032


      Yeah it basically is emery cloth with a sticky backing. But I have an old injury on my left wrist. Been playing up as of recent and this really helps. Doesn’t destroy my hands either. But I’ll be wearing gloves any way

  5. I swear I have bad luck when it comes to parts. G&P stock is a month old, and part of the cut outs for one position has striped. 

    You pay good money for parts, you expect them to last!

  6. Toxic players are kinda pushing my buttons.

    Really need to figure out how to deal with them better. I shouldnt be coming home in a bad mood after a game day. Granted. You have good and bad days. It happens. But it just seems to happen too often so far this year. Ive not really come home and felt like Ive had a good day in a long while.

    Probably time to concentrate playing and exploring new sites.

    Thoughts and comments welcome. If you've read this sorry for my little rant.

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    2. Cipher-032


      Got a small team of 10+, we dont really work as a squad but do our thing. So just a bunch of mates that we know we can rely on if need be.

      They do help a lot to get through the day. But man just other people! Makes me want to bang my head on a wall and give up

    3. Druid799


      Yup sounds about the same as us though we always go together and we do have a team identity and badges and what not we don’t really care who we’re with just as long as there players we know we can rely on , much like your self by the sound of it .👍

    4. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      Change up the site, it can be frustrating though when you dont have a decent selection to pick from (and beleive me you'd be preaching to the converted if that were the case)


      Can be hard, just today i had someone light me up before, during, and more importantly a long time after the ref right next to him shouted game over. Fortunately he couldnt hit shit otherwise i might have been a bit more annoyed.


      A decent team helps, sometimes all you need is some good squad fighting knowing someone's got your back to make a game day.

  7. *plans silently*


    1. Rogerborg


      All airsoft M4s:




      Yes, I know yours is probably some sort of HK416 DEVGRU SOCOM BETA SPETZNAZ, but... all airsoft M4s.

    2. Cipher-032


      Maybe I should turn my MWS into this... Orange tips and every thing. Then annoy all the haters with GBBR awesome sauce :D

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