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  1. People who swear lots are often more genuine and honest from my experiences, the excellent language from this guy would be a plus for me if I was looking for a tech
  2. TM M4, the socom variant if I recall (it was decades back. One of the larger retailers had a massive stall at the war and peace show in Kent (pre UKARA) and I couldn’t seem to resist it. Wouldn’t mind having that back now!
  3. That magnetic wipe idea is literally a master stroke! One of the best ideas I’ve ever seen and will be what I’m making this afternoon, I’ve got some Uber powerful ones the size of a nail head which will be perfect 👌
  4. HitmanNo2 you’re a legend mate many thanks.
  5. Evening all, I have looked for any threads regarding this seemingly obsolete brand however unless I've missed something there doesn't seem to be much about. I bought one of these KSC Glock 19's many years ago at the war and peace show, way before any kind of purchasing legislation was about, since then it's sat on my shelf making only occasional appearances for some garden based plinking. Now I'm beginning to look into starting airsoft up as a proper sport (subject to a few games to make sure) and would really like to take this thing into battle. Thing is I only have the one magazine and my questions after all this context are, are these magazines even remotely available from anywhere remotely reputable? I found them on a website called specialist airsoft supply however thanks to the warnings from the excellent community on here I have realized that this guy is to be avoided. It would be great to have a couple spare, if not I'll have to buy a new and better supported pistol (TM or the like) which is not a deal breaker however it would be a shame to not use something I already have.
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