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  1. A nice day out at airsoft plantation this Sunday for me, very much looking forward to it having seen a recent video with a bagpiper!! Och aye!
  2. This has been absolutely the worst time for keeping in shape almost a perfect storm in fact! 1, Shite weather which puts off runs and the like 2, No gyms open either 3, This push button ordering is really being ramped up for junk food makes it far too easy to get sucked into bad food I was doing ok last year, played a game in September and was reasonably ok so started that ‘couch to 5k’ thing. I was also getting on the stationary bike to supplement this. That was all going well then unexpectedly a slot came up in November for a heart p
  3. Totally. One of the many great things that draws me to airsoft is, in my view, it’s lack of politics. You buy your kit show up play and enjoy. Simples. Sucks that all this is gaining any sort of traction at all.
  4. So this butcher is in his shop working away when a dog, carrying a basket casually walks in and jumps up onto the counter. The butcher goes to shoo him away but before he can the dog points with his paw into the basket at a list for some meat. This gets the butchers attention, so he picks up the list and reads off the items which are followed by a note that reads ‘please can you put all this in the basket, the right money is in a pouch on the dogs collar’. Right on cue the dog lifts his head and points at a small pouch which as it turns out has the right money in it.
  5. Thankfully I ain’t quite there yet though when I am I’ll just have to stay down and crawl about shooting people in the ankles 🤣🤣 With my aim I’ll probably get more kills down there than on my feet😂😂
  6. I was also of the opinion that a plate carrier would be the way forward in airsoft though in my case (and probably not yours) I couldn’t get the damn thing to go over my not inconsiderable beer gut! Quite funny to look at but completely impractical, the thing wouldn’t let me breathe out, crouch down or anything remotely useful. In the end, I found a set of soldier 95 webbing, identical to the one I used to use so I knew it well and half the price of a decent plate carrier and the gut can do (or go) whatever it wants so is no longer an issue! These types of system
  7. It’s another Bernard manning special if that helps 🤣
  8. There’s no doubt that Micheal Barrymore is gay, I rang his house up the other day and Cliff Richard answered....
  9. Wow, pays to ask around! Im not a tech or anything close to one so wouldn’t mind a tasty rif that has out the box performance without any tweaking. I thought that was the cm16. However I can well see the worth in spending an extra tenner and looking at other brands if it will yield way better specs.
  10. Seems odd to keep starting up threads and then ghosting them, most people on here will at least have the decency to reply after some activity with a simple ‘thanks’ - courtesy no? Maybe he’s shy 🤔 I must admit though that reading this my ideas of what my first rifle is going to be have been slightly rearranged, I was another cm16 fan but it sounds like they’re not so hot these days?
  11. Take one of these ‘small islands’ and build some super high quality arenas, purpose made for airsoft, an airport, docks, villages etc and have objective based rolling games that move from one arena to the next, one team is offensive one defensive. Also there would be vehicles, helicopters and stationary weapons to use in strategic places, just in case people got bored! Probably something very similar to that already but off the bat money no object with land supplied that’d be where I’d go.
  12. Hi mate, if you don’t sell this by next payday I’ll have it, just flat broke right now! Any pics of the inside? cheers
  13. Really good question, it’s certainly helped alleviate some boredom here! LCT G3 L1a1, think ares make these not sure Gas L85A2 (whoever does the best one) G&P (?) M16 Vietnam variant Any decent AK47 G&G CM16 Raider L GPMG (not sure if this exists in the airsoft world) Now just need money - as always!!
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