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  1. Dude, as above if that’s you in the vid be very careful here, whereas you may know it’s an airsoft gun someone else watching (could be anyone) probably don’t and it could cause you issues. Forgive the pun but you don’t wanna be giving the law the ammunition to shoot you with!
  2. This is what pisses me off, they ban you and there’s seemingly no fact finding or any kind of attempt to figure out what’s gone on, poxy algorithms I guess!
  3. Very helpful guide here, clearly a lot of work (and mileage) have gone into this and I must say having played at plantation it’s clearly accurate too. Ill definitely be paying a visit to several sites in the new year off the back of this and possibly avoiding some too! Many thanks for putting all the effort in!
  4. This is going to sound like stating the obvious but I assume you’ve checked for leaks with a detecting solution like snoop etc?
  5. I thought that too but... The point of black friday is so retailers can control what people buy for a week - nothing else.
  6. Never before in the field of human conversation has one subject been talked about so much by so many! And rightly so. I might be a little blinkered in my view on the whole thing but with airsoft it’s somewhat more simple owing to the fact that we don’t conduct our sport in public and usually well away from any spectators. Walking about in public dressed in full ‘Iranian embassy black’ is where a lot of these videos on YouTube of walts being busted occur, so by skirmishing on private sites there is usually no issue. You can wear what you like as long a
  7. I was waiting for someone to pick up on that pulse rifle, very.....interesting!
  8. Yes please mate, it helps us all in our possible future dealings with fed ex and everyone else, and gives us a chance of not being screwed over by any of them!
  9. Try Googling the combro cb625, I was in the same boat with a Wembley Vulcan given to me by a mate, first thing I did (of course) was chrono it. Came out at 9 ft/lb thankfully so all in the clear. It’ll also do airsoft stuff so I’ll be using that when it comes to that first post UKARA purchase. Also only 40 quid...
  10. I was thinking the same thing, aren’t they £140 new?!?!
  11. Scammers can burn in hell for what they do to people for all I care, you live by the sword you die by the sword, post everything up and cause him maximum ball ache.
  12. Used to carry the L86A1 in service, sometimes you’d have up to 12 mags on your person being a support weapon and dropping/leaving behind any of them (or anything else) was a massive no no. Everything issued had to go back into stores. After expending what you had in a mag (usually 28 rounds to save the spring) you’d dump it down the front of your smock where the webbing belt would hold it until you had 5 mins to transfer it back to the webbing. Even with all that mags would go missing all the time!
  13. Agreed, I wouldn’t go as far as a scam either it certainly presents as above board just not my bag thats all, odds are just a tad too steep here but then ain’t they all!
  14. Point taken, maybe ‘not airsoft’ or ‘live firing’ maybe? Point I was making was that I personally avoided tyres and ‘soft’ cover for the reasons stated (the goose analogy) and it was heavily emphasised to avoid them. It seems a little counter productive to train people with piles of tyres which they may inadvertently run to in a genuine situation. That said I wouldn’t be at all surprised if ranges did use them just none of the ones I trained on ever did. They also seem much more common in airsoft which additionally led me to think it was not ‘real/live’.
  15. Only thing that makes it questionable to me is that no one would use tyres as cover in a real steel environment. Rounds tend to go through them like shit through a goose especially at closer ranges. This is the same reason you tend not to see people behind breeze blocks!
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