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  1. @Rogerborg I do concede and agree that the example I gave is somewhat different to the one posted, where it links is the ‘test case’ side of it. So far, there may not be any cases (that I know of) where someone was stopped by the authorities on the way to a skirmish in possession of a defenceless RIF but as emilianoska has said I don’t like the thought or possibility that I’ll be the first. In the modern world we can see that the police rightly react swiftly to such issues, just ask Kai. I accept that may seem extreme, especially when applied to the common sense driven environment of airsoft, there is though always that nagging chance.... None of this is to say that I have anything against an airsofter who would do it a different way again, the likelihood of issues is thin at best. In emilianoska’s case, the consequences for them could arguably be worse than mine, and that old adage of ‘if in doubt leave it out’ is the only way of guaranteeing the avoidance of the many grey areas of the VCRA. 😁
  2. I have to say I find myself coming down on the side of emilianoska here, granted you can find ways of manoeuvring regarding this however erring on the side of caution has in my experience been the best way to avoiding any unpleasantness. The VCRA seems to have been put together somewhat hastily and this shows up in cases like this. As a former FAC holder my view is to look upon airsoft with the same level of ‘anality’ that one does when dealing with real steel, helps to avoid slip ups etc. A case in point - I have an an old glock which isn’t two tone (a RIF) but have never been through the UKARA process, it didn’t exist then. I still won’t take it to a site for games even if I know the rules apply to purchasing and not possession and I would probably be ok. Call it paranoia, call it whatever I just prefer to tread on the safe side when guns/weapons are involved and always plan for the worst but hope for the best. Certainly when selling to people you don’t know it adds yet another layer of smoke and mirrors to things and I can well understand why one would take the stance emilianoska has.
  3. @Big_smoke The reason everyone’s asking what country you’re in isn’t so we can somehow magically figure out from that tiny piece of info where you live and then all turn up at your house for an all night rave equipped with enough beer to drown a small horse and a pick up truck full of crack whores. As fun as that sounds (to me anyway) the people here just want to help you figure out - a) Have you been ripped off (likely) and b) Would you be better off importing one in (also likely) so you can afford a way sweeter gun for probably a shit ton less money To do this the country in question would help immensely....... Being secretive does kind of make you look like a troll - even if you aren’t. Help the community to help you mate, it won’t kill you! 😀
  4. I refuse to listen to anything that repulsive woman has to say, it’s never helpful or constructive and ups the ante unnecessarily if anything. The focus of this should remain on the legalities and nothing else, that way logic and common sense has a better chance of prevailing - two things she has no grasp of whatsoever.
  5. At that weight it’s no wonder they call it death zone! One of them in the mush and you’d know all about it 🤕
  6. Good on you for posting on here, it’s a great first step and I can’t recommend this forum enough for good advice. To echo what has already been said you’ll be glad to know that the games are full of the same calibre (sorry for the pun) of people and as mentioned in another thread if you’re going on your own it won’t be long before you’re chatting to everyone and playing alongside people. I go alone as I’m in the same boat as you - no mates that like airsoft and if you were in the south then you’d be more than welcome to join me (though I tend to slow people down with my questionable fitness! 😂 Don’t be put off by anything, it’s a great sport packed with fun and what’s even better - it’s for everyone. Get stuck in. Enjoy!
  7. In that case I’ll be having a look, thanks for the heads up!
  8. I began watching his stuff some months back whilst looking into airsoft as a potential hobby, I have to say it didn’t put me off at all or make me want to headshot anyone unnecessarily however I can easily see why it may compel others to think this way. What was good (or so I thought) was his use of that cam suit, people seemed to miss him even being there and it surprised me as to how effective it seemed to be. That is until I realised it was HIS product, the cynicism then kicked in and I now see it as all staged as a selling tool to make money. Unusual, that! 🤔 As has been touched on here he is now seemingly fallen prey to the YouTube black hole that makes you all about getting more views and selling his suit, which people seem willing to just about sell their souls for not caring about the wider effect it has on the sport. Oh for a channel that’s just honest and says it how it is eh?
  9. Don’t let age stop you, I started in February this year (just in time for that virus thing) at the not so tender age of 41! And I have a mild arrhythmia of the heart along with being apparently obese according to the Nhs 🧁 🍰 Apart from being being a little slower than the other youths due to my abundance of ballast and bodily defects, the sport is still immense fun and I wasn’t the only slightly older person there either. You’ve picked a great forum to join too, there’s many, many knowledgeable folk here with great advice and perspectives (not me btw I’m a noob) and you’ll be very unlucky not to find the info you need here. I was a soldier many moons past and found the whole experience pleasantly reminiscent of those days, indeed the community in general could not be more friendly and you’ll find that as you progress. As has been discussed elsewhere here it’s good practice to ignore some of the inflammatory YouTube content and go to a site for yourself. Oh and watch out for the accumulation of gear, it can catch you up if you’re not careful! I have everything bar a gun so far without actually intending to buy any of it! Enjoy!
  10. Wow this guy is definitely one round short of a full mag, that stunt was never going to work
  11. There are allegedly airsoft sites open NOW never mind the 4th July and were well into the start of lockdown too, Christ only knows where they stand in all this legally speaking
  12. Have to say PB was going to be the place I bought my first RIF at what with their deals and bundles but stuff me all this crap with that AK and the sheer bullshit going down with it’s ‘repair’ I won’t be partaking with them now! I can’t even stand it when Homebase fuck me about over a BBQ let alone this.
  13. People who swear lots are often more genuine and honest from my experiences, the excellent language from this guy would be a plus for me if I was looking for a tech
  14. TM M4, the socom variant if I recall (it was decades back. One of the larger retailers had a massive stall at the war and peace show in Kent (pre UKARA) and I couldn’t seem to resist it. Wouldn’t mind having that back now!
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