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  1. Used to carry the L86A1 in service, sometimes you’d have up to 12 mags on your person being a support weapon and dropping/leaving behind any of them (or anything else) was a massive no no. Everything issued had to go back into stores. After expending what you had in a mag (usually 28 rounds to save the spring) you’d dump it down the front of your smock where the webbing belt would hold it until you had 5 mins to transfer it back to the webbing. Even with all that mags would go missing all the time!
  2. Agreed, I wouldn’t go as far as a scam either it certainly presents as above board just not my bag thats all, odds are just a tad too steep here but then ain’t they all!
  3. Point taken, maybe ‘not airsoft’ or ‘live firing’ maybe? Point I was making was that I personally avoided tyres and ‘soft’ cover for the reasons stated (the goose analogy) and it was heavily emphasised to avoid them. It seems a little counter productive to train people with piles of tyres which they may inadvertently run to in a genuine situation. That said I wouldn’t be at all surprised if ranges did use them just none of the ones I trained on ever did. They also seem much more common in airsoft which additionally led me to think it was not ‘real/live’.
  4. Only thing that makes it questionable to me is that no one would use tyres as cover in a real steel environment. Rounds tend to go through them like shit through a goose especially at closer ranges. This is the same reason you tend not to see people behind breeze blocks!
  5. Saw this advertised heavily at airsoft plantation, not sure if it’s linked to them. I wondered at the time what this may be and assumed it was a league of some kind with a big prize at the end, this clarifies it somewhat! Sounds very similar to that best of the best thing you see at airports where you play to win a car, not sure if I’d ever get involved with any of that.
  6. What a terrible position to be in! Such hardship out there. And it’s not like, he’s say maybe a scammer or anything is it? Poor bloke
  7. This is rubbish service, what happened to ‘the customer is always right’? Any chance we may know the retailer or is that a no no?
  8. A local-ish shout out from not so sunny Basildon!
  9. It’s when he says ‘just take the fucking photo‘ when you’ve got to worry
  10. A water melon coated in crushed glass I’d add! It was either that or shit into a hole in a forest with the ever constant threat of getting bumped and having to simultaneously fight and pull your trousers up
  11. Or there’s always a pack of these a day, they’ll have you clogged up so bad you’ll never need bog roll again.....
  12. This is just the kind of sneaky bullshit I can’t stand. I think we all knew that this sort of stuff would eventually be happening like it’s somehow ‘ok’ seems this is the lengths novrbitch will go to to sell his shit.
  13. This is why I don’t play facebook anymore. It’s full of bullshit ads, mostly narcissistic bellends and click bait. This is before we even get to those poxy algorithms. These only exist to save paying a person sift through all the shite that gets pumped through the place daily. This algorithm is too big and too dumb to realise what’s actually being said because, much like its creator mr fuckerberg, it’s not actually human. Probably don’t need me to tell you that the comment was harmless!
  14. No, write them off for their inaction over the issue. Every site has incidents and problems, - it’s how they deal with them that counts.
  15. Cheers all for some really great input! Reckon I’ll opt for a tan one when the time comes, they are a bit hasbro admittedly but then again as has been well pointed out it can be sprayed up if needs be.
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