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  1. I've just ordered a cheapo chinesium suppressor from Aliexpress and it's gone through heathrow no problems, just waiting for it to get to my local delivery office. I know a lot of it will depend on how the package is labelled and what it looks like (ie if it says "gun parts" then a red flag would be raised. I think the majority of those sellers are wise to this and try and make it being stopped as unlikely as possible.
  2. Hi guys, I'm looking for a Glock (of any description really) for my loadout. It'll mainly stay in it's holster and be more for show so I'm not wanting to pay TM prices but I would like it to be usable if I fancy pewing a few bb's and using it in a skirmish. I've had a look at the what to buy guide and it seems KJW and WE are "fine" for the sort of price I'm wanting to pay. I quite fancy this: https://www.taiwangun.com/en/gas-4/kp-13-co2-green-gas-kjw?from=listing&campaign-id=19 I know WE seem to be the preferred entry level GBB pistol but does anyone have any negative real world stories about KJW guns? I'm aware the mags tend to be piss poor so will likely need substituting, I'm open to any other similar suggestions!
  3. Following on from my post the other week, my generic chinesium scope + foregrip have arrived, just waiting on the supressor now!
  4. Superb, thanks @Jedi_Master
  5. Hey guys, can anyone give me any thoughts about UCAP Green Ops? My mate and I are looking to play and our usual site doesn't have a game day when we are both free for a little while. Looking at UCAP Greenops but as he has a full length PKM he's worried if it might be a bit much for a CQB site (especially as he only has "safe" or "multi pewpew" - no semi for him!) and as I have a Tan+Nero Raider their site specifies no two tone or transparent, but as mine is a VCRA applicable RIF I'm assuming they mean more along the lines of the neon green/blue type? Any regular players here that think we may have any issues if we turn up?
  6. Hey guys, just brought my first RIF today, it's a cliche but as first guns go I know it's a great foundation to start. Soon to come are a suppressor, red dot of some description and a foregrip, but I can't stop holding it (or the gun!) Also in pic is my mates PKM, not been used on the field yet but hoping to very shortly.
  7. I must admit I had been looking at the Specna rifles, I think I was just being swayed by the fact that raiders have been around so long that they are tried and tested as it were. I’m definitely open to the Specna, might pop along to my local and see if they have any to have a hold of
  8. That one doesn’t look right to me? That looks like normal one as opposed the L with the longer barrel?
  9. Hi all, should have my UKARA number by the end of the week, and I’m looking for a particular weapon that I can’t seem to find anywhere. I want a G&G Raider 2.0-L but with a more conventional crane stock. The only version 2.0s I can find in L spec have that weird small stock like this, and I hate this stock!... https://www.weekendwarriorsairsoft.co.uk/index.php?_route_=gandg-cm16-combat-machine-raider-l-2-0e-airsoft-m4-aeg-rifle-black
  10. If you see or hear a tall Irish man, I’ll be the little bald fella standing next to him haha!
  11. Cheers mate! A mate of mine has a tac vest and some bits he’s willing to give, and I’m going down the somewhat cliché route of a G&G raider (2.0 with the M-lok front end) so I figure I should be able to get myself started for just over £200, I’ve already got my own eye pro so just a case of getting a weapon!
  12. Hi A-F UK! ”New” player here based in West Sussex, I say bee as I’ve been into the hobby for about 8 years but had to take an extended (very extended) break for long time (very long story!). Finally playing my 3rd game tomorrow so I can look to start building my arsenal! Wish me luck!
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