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  1. I was presently surprised to find this in a Christmas cracker today. The last one, no less.



    - Very easy to carry around

    - Ammo is practically free

    - Trigger response is great



    - Shoots at just ten feet per second

    - Has a range of only five feet

    - Holds no more than seven squirts

    Overall, not too keen on the two-tone. Would look slightly more realistic in black I think.


    1. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      If you tdc it and run her on black gas you should see a tidy range boost

  2. Hey guys. Having recently played at Bunker 51, I thought I'd share my experience of the site with everyone. It was my first ever airsoft skirmish so I didn't know what to expect. Around 30 players turned up on the day and around 12 of them were renters. I actually expected that number to be lower for some reason. The first thing we did was have a briefing. We then went into the arena and every non-rental gun was chrono'd. Good thing too because at least two pistols were shooting at 500FPS. After that everyone got ready in the safe zone. In terms of games, everything was pretty straight forward. Some people did misunderstand the rules but the rules were clarified for them. The marshals from my experience were helpful and nice enough. As previously stated by someone else here, the arena was pretty small. I think I could walk through the whole arena in about two minutes. They did their best with the space they have though. In terms of appearance, I thought the arena looked really good. There were plenty of things to hide behind. I expected it to smell but it didn't. The floor was wet though and at times it was slippery. I fell over once as I was going to crouch behind a crate. It was dark as people here have said. But I got used to it pretty quickly and so I didn't find it to be an issue. I suppose if your eyesight isn't too shabby, it could present a bit of a problem. I didn't actually think that 30 people was too many considering the space. While it was a little crowded, the number of people meant I didn't have to always be the one pushing forward. I could observe people and then move to a better position to take advantage. Of course, the other team could do the same and they did. Guns were locked to semi in all games except for right at the end of the skirmish. There was one game where a team death-match turned into a free-for-all. Of course people could opt out and so I did. Getting shot in the head was painful enough for one day. Overall, I had an amazing time and I intend to go back. The players themselves were nice enough. Nobody took the games too seriously. Nobody argued over calling hits. Nobody had any accidents. All in all I had a great time. While three hours may seem a little short in the world of airsoft, I was glad that it wasn't longer. By the end of the skirmish, I was very tired and very hungry. My legs are still killing me now. The highlight of the day for me was when we were playing a game called intelligence. One team had to defend the intelligence at the prison while the other team attacked and tried to steal it. As defenders, if we were shot at the prison, we had to re-spawn somewhere else so that the attackers had a chance to actually come into the prison and move the intelligence. I ended up being the last guy on our team there because I decided to hide behind a large crate. In doing so I had the element of surprise. I was able to shoot four people in about five seconds before I was shot. It's my proudest moment in airsoft so far, haha! I ended up going to the game with my AEG, four magazines (two hi-caps and two mid-caps), face protection, hand protection and around 3000 BB's. Now while eye protection is a must-have, lower face protection isn't. However I would very strongly advise anyone intending to play at Bunker 51 to wear lower face protection. Even the marshals strongly recommend it because you can very easily be shot at close range (within one meter). There was no "bang" rule mentioned when I was there. I wore trainers on the day and while they were mostly fine, if you have something with a lot of grip, I'd suggest wearing that instead. Black clothing will give you an advantage because it's quite dark in the arena. In terms of magazines, I'd say you only need either one hi-cap or two mid-caps. I didn't even get through one mid-cap each game personally. You only need one battery too. I barely used 50% of my LiPo. Because of how close you're engaging people most of the time, I would strongly suggest wearing a helmet. I will be getting one before I go back there. As I said before, getting shot in the head hurts. Especially when it's from just four or five meters away. I think I've covered everything. Being my first game, I don't have anything to compare the experience too, yet. Overall, I would recommend this to both "n00bs" and to anyone who like me, isn't able to travel too far for whatever reason. I hope it's okay to bump this thread 🙂
  3. From my experience, you don't really need to spend too much on your first IF (assuming it is your first). Something around £150 would do you just fine. You could spend the rest of your budget on other things you need, such as face protection and footwear. Of course it's a different story if you know what you want and you can buy a RIF. But if you've yet to obtain UKARA, I would hold back on buying an expensive IF, as it'll likely have to be two-tone. Down the line you'll probably want to convert it into a RIF, which can be a challenge, depending on the gun and on your skill-set.
  4. Thank you! I've enjoyed doing some target practice indoors. Wish I had more space though, lol. I don't think I can go to a game until July or August sadly. That's when I will have a break from work. I'll probably hit Bunker-51 first. Maybe I'll see you there!
  5. Thank you for the suggestion. I will look into that as it looks easy enough to get to. After a lot of thought, I decided to go against my initial plan of getting UKARA ASAP, so that I could drop a load of money into my new found hobby. Instead, I've dived in on a budget. I've bought a gun, lower face protection, gloves, BB's, a spare hi-cap magazine, a lipo and a bag for transporting everything. The total cost so far is.. £247.04. I still need to buy eye protection and I'm thinking about buying a chronograph too. But overall, it's a lot less then I initially planned on spending (More like £1300). By doing this, I can go to any site without worrying about getting UKARA. I think I'll go for it next year.
  6. Thanks for the suggestion. That actually springs to mind another question. What is site membership all about? I guess it's like a subscription to a certain site which is required to get UKARA? I guess there is a cost involved with such membership? It looks likely that I'll use Bunker-51 to get UKARA (assuming I can) because it's the most convenient site for me. But I don't seem to find anything about site membership on their website. I will find out soon enough as I plan to go there soon (possibly next weekend for their next skirmish). I'm going to see if I can get a friend to join me first.
  7. That's a shame because I don't drive. I had a look at getting to Airsoft Plantation and while it is possible, it's not straight forward. I'll have to get two buses, one train and walk for thirty minutes, according to Google Maps. I would be prepared to do that but perhaps not right away, lol. Thanks for the advice guys!
  8. That's too bad. I took a look at Bunker51 online recently. What site/sites would you recommend in London?
  9. Hi guys, Thank you for the welcome and for the information. I hope to eventually buy a handgun. As I understand, they aren't really needed as a n00b. But eventually I'd like to buy one. I think going to a few games will help me a lot as I can try out (or at least handle) different guns. As for where I live in London, I live around Whitechapel. Whilst looking for shooting sites in London, I came to learn that there was a site right here in Whitechapel. But sadly it is in the process of being relocated. Such a shame because it was pretty much down the road from where I live. I've had a look at the guide. Thank you!
  10. Hi everyone, It's nice to find a forum for UK airsoft hobbyists. I've been interested in airsoft for years. But I have never thought about investing in airsoft until recently. I've been researching the basics so I think I'll get started in the hobby soon myself. I do however have a question. I've been happily watching videos for beginners in airsoft. Just now I realised that guns (or parts of them) can be right handed or ambidextrous. It seems as though most guns are made for right handed people. But I am left handed and my left eye is my "good" eye. Will this effect me a lot? Can I manage with a right handed gun? I guess I'll find out when I go shooting. But I'm curious as to what you guys think. Thanks for reading!
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