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  1. disassemble the trigger box and lube all contact surfaces, it helps a bit. The most drag is on the small part here, I think it needs shimming as it scratches the unit body.
  2. It doesn’t look good. Is this a crack?
  3. I lubed the crap out of mine and it still does not sound like that but it’s stock TM one.
  4. I had the same wish when I saw that video first time. I haven’t seen any other that has the same sound though so I bet it’s the mic juju.
  5. Same here, I started with AEG years ago but quickly switched to gbbr. I can’t understand why it is so hard to have a nice trigger there? GBLS does not speak to me, too fancy, I’ll wait for the market to catch up.
  6. That’s just one off-set stuff that’s overpriced. I’m talking about a generic upgrade part but I understand there’s nothing like that after all those years. Shame.
  7. Hi, is there a realistic trigger upgrade for AEGs? I’m a long time gbbr user and can’t stand that mushy fake trigger non-response from AEGs but would give it a shot if it’s possible to make it snappy.
  8. Last one on Redwolf went for £900
  9. Got it but is there a posibility to move that screw in/out? There’s an oring on the other side so screwing it out would make the oring sit tighter possibly. I got no experience with GP npas.
  10. I think that “upgrade design” is to better seal against the end of the bolt. Does it allow to screw/unscrew that shiny end part? If so, does it do anything?
  11. jsmithski


    Thanks. BTW, I have not only laughed but also learned something new today
  12. jsmithski


    Got it. So basically anything can be RIF unless it’s painted two tone. My bad for reading the acronym wrong. Now it makes sense.
  13. Still better than WE.
  14. jsmithski


    Can someone explain what REAL IMITATION FIREARM is? When talking about toys or replicas I would expect a term like IMITATION OF REAL FIREARM or IMITATION or just REPLICA. If something is an imitation then it can’t be real and the other way around. I’m really clueless on how this term was came up with. Also, what if an airsoft gun is a thing from a sci fi movie (plasma pistol or laser rifle), it’s not a firearm imitation anymore?
  15. So why not a vfc? They at least look legit unlike WE that work and look mediocre.
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