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  1. Muslim is not a race so how can he be racist? Maybe Islamophobic but that’s like being vegan, you just don’t fancy certain ideas in your life.
  2. or KWA LM4 cqb valve. Or cut the valve spring a bit. Or both (most likely only then you’ll get to 1J).
  3. No matter what FPS you’ll have, use green autobot bucking if you’re going to have the fixed hop up, also pair it with a crazy jet inner barrel. Make sure you have spare nozzle, hammer spring and few nozzle springs.
  4. One of the best additions is the maple leaf/ra tech hop up chamber and barrel. There are several upgrades available but seriously keep it stock and you’ll be happy. It is a great gun out of the box. Better spend the money on mags.
  5. jsmithski

    THE TM MWS thread

    Most likely (99%) you put the lever arm in the wrong spot. I did that the first time.
  6. jsmithski

    We Scar L

    Your pictures show nothing. Get that thing out and apart.
  7. jsmithski

    We Scar L

    Hard to offer a constructive advice to someone who says that something does not work but is too lazy to actually check first if internals are not fucked up. I might be wrong but you sound like someone born in the late 90s or later.
  8. jsmithski

    We Scar L

    Not the smartest move to call a dick someone who might help you. Now I won’t do that even for the money
  9. jsmithski

    We Scar L

    We’re not magicians, no one will tell you what’s broken just because your gun is not firing properly. Take it apart, show us pictures and you’ll get the answer. No diagnosis can be done over the phone, same with humans, cars and airsoft toys. Also pulling airsoft gun apart is not a rocket science, so what’s keeping you from doing that?
  10. jsmithski

    THE TM MWS thread

    There are many factors here. Do you have a good seal on the nozzle2bucking? What green gas are you using? I’m pushing over 2.6J using 380mm barrel, autobot bucking and KWA rocket valve in the nozzle.
  11. jsmithski

    We Scar L

    So you did not. Take it apart to a single piece, especially the bolt and hop up. You’ll find the problem easily.
  12. jsmithski

    We Scar L

    Did you take it apart?
  13. jsmithski

    Vfc Mp5 GBB

    @Bada Bing just noticed something on your SD3 video. You did not remove the rubber plug, with that part in, your lever does not work at all, so when you removed it completely you obviously did not notice any difference. Remove the rubber plug and then tell me if you feel stronger recoil or FPS increase.
  14. they stop the noise and won’t let the air out so you’ll need to manually remove air from time to time by pressing the release valve while filling them.
  15. Maybe they got better these days, I got very bad experience using bio bbs few years ago and I decided to leave it until some convinced me. I remember bio bbs swelled so much on me I could not get them out from a midcap mag. Maybe it’s time to do some testing again
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