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  1. DIY cheap ass ambi fire selector can be made using this piece https://a.aliexpress.com/_m0ttzQD all you need is a dremel, a 2.5mm drill bit and a m3 threading tool to make the Marui selector right hand side end flush with the new dial. DIY ambi mag release coming up one day, once I find the right, ridiculously cheap “release paddle”.
  2. Right, it’s not just Tan but FDE indeed.
  3. Fosco Desert should do the job on changing mag color easily.
  4. £56? LOL. I’m not crazy. I’ll make one myself.
  5. What mag release is this? I need that. DIY for lefties?
  6. Exactly. Who needs >30rps? Why do we allow hair triggers on semi?
  7. Those novelties are targeting young population, some of us are too old and conservative to be excited by a colorful garden hose mimicking some laser gun from a stupid smartphone game.
  8. I wish more people were owning Gbbrs and we could allow full auto on every game, as you really pick the right moment with a 20-30 rounder on a gbbr. When full auto kicks in on a gbb gun even the guy that gets hit is smiling... at least that’s what I like to picture every time
  9. The „all black” look started to annoy me so decided to add some tan. The UBR is nice but very heavy comparing to the crane stock.
  10. I believe that depends on the level of immersion you expect from the game. Have you seen speedsoft battles? After one game you look like a smallpox patient. I see no point in using SMGs unless it’s full auto game. Shooting single with a mac11 is just boring.
  11. Saying that at least from my perspective playing a cqb on full auto (with appropriate low FPS) is more fun and engaging to everybody. I usually play a DMR or sniper at long distances as I don’t like spraying from far away in hoping to get a hit. Not everybody agrees I know, that’s why there are so few cqb games that allow FA. The whole idea of a SMG is to run full auto at close distance, isn’t it?
  12. Wait, there’s no relationship between distance and full auto. I would say full auto works best at close distance, simply because it’s more fun* * Your experience may vary depending on the joule output
  13. With that attitude you’re not going to get far on this forum. If you don’t want to make the effort to read what we already said, don’t expect someone to make that effort for you repeating again. Horrible impression for a novice.
  14. It all has been answered in this thread. Read it.
  15. You and a dozen of spy... I mean “safety” cameras around the town.
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