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  1. jsmithski

    THE TM MWS thread

    Here. As Russians would say (about the AK when asked why it has no tacticool shit on it): “No, the rifle is fine!” I only did upgrade the inner barrel, hop and FPS.
  2. I’m from Poland, not sure how much shipping would be.
  3. I’m flying to US soon so I’ve ordered 5 mags from them with shipping to NY and it was 16USD. At 13USD per mag it’s a steal deal. I ordered the PDW stock and will do the same. Thanks.
  4. mags are on extereme airsoft store in US. I already got vfc mp5 gbb, shoots like a beast (after few months of work and $$$ of upgrades).
  5. Hey guys, I just bought the Well Mp5k (the clone) as I could not resist the offer (50 pounds brand new with long mag). It’s a hell of a gun for the price. I’m getting few mags soon. How did you manage to fit the PDW stock?
  6. jsmithski

    THE TM MWS thread

    Any news, new upgrades etc? It’s cold here so my rif hangs on the wall. I’m so bored I’ve bought the HFC T77 GBB to see if I can make it skirmishable
  7. jsmithski

    THE TM MWS thread

    All depends on the type of game. Milsims may not require lot of ammo. Skirmishes usually need more but then you’re close to off game and can reload any time. I would say 6-7 mags are enough if you CAN shoot additional ones are just there to allow full auto dumps from time to time.
  8. jsmithski

    THE TM MWS thread

    I got 9 and it’s already on the heavy side and I’m over 6 foot tall.
  9. jsmithski

    THE TM MWS thread

    Can anyone tell me which product at rainbow8 do I need to make my trigger nice and snappy? The stock one is horrible. I don’t care for the trigger itself but the action.
  10. Obviously no gbbr works at 50psi unless highly modified. I normally run all my hpa gbbrs at 120+ psi which in turn requires some mods to be at a desired FPS.
  11. Indeed it’s from G36.
  12. It looks kinda cheesy with that front now but it was few years ago when really there were no shrouds yet on the market. At 140psi that gun is a beast.
  13. Hi guys, not sure maybe some of you remember me from the deleted FB group, I used to sell 5000 rounds box mags for KV. I still have my precious gun but I don’t make any mags anymore - no time for that anymore. Glad the community still holds up.
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