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  1. Don't worry, you don't have to start listing off the terrible human rights violations commited by China. They've been doing terrible things for years, and will likely continue to do so unless there are some big changes to the government. I was trying to clarify why a thread that started off with a comment about Corona deviated to saying that it wasn't remotely about the spread of Corona. I was trying to get more of an understanding about the motivation behind it as it seems to be a repeating theme onlien. Whether it was a 'final nail in the coffin' situation, a wake up call that lead to people learning more about how the CCP behave, or just a case of 'It's imapcting me now so let's do something'.
  2. In which case it would be about Corona.
  3. If it's all about not wanting China to have a stranglehold on manufacturing and not agreeing with their ethics, which are both fair reasons to not want to buy from China, what does Covid-19 have to do with it?
  4. I ordered a Tokyo Marui HK45 from them on the 24th Jan, and it arrived on the 28th, however the slide lock didn't work properly. I contacted them on the 29th and had a shipping labe emailed to me. It was sent back on the 29th Jan, and arrived on the 31st. They checked the gun over, said that they were having the same issue, and offered 3 solutions. 1) 'Service'* and lube the same gun up and send it back 2) 'Service'* and lube a new gun and send it back (with the caveat that the issue may be found on the new gun) 3) A full refund, for the gun and the used mags. So far, so good. I was pretty set on the HK45, so I went with option 2. It was the 4th Feb by the time we had emailed back and forth discussing the issues and options, and the replacement arrived on the 6th. Upon checking the pistol over, not only was the problem replicated, but they had sent the exact same pistol back to me. The packaging was also damaged inside, so either it was damaged in transport (the externals were ok), or it wasn't too carefully looked after during the return process. I emailed them and asked why this was the case, as from the conversations we had the agreement was to get a new pistol. They claimed that it was a fluke, and that they had just picked a new pistol off the shelf, 'serviced'* and lubed it, and sent it off. So that gives the impression that products that are known to have been used and found faulty are sat in the same area as brand new products, and that there is no differentiation between them. If this is to be believed, the brand new gun that you are ordering could in fact be one that has been RMA'd. The other alternative is that they had hoped I wouldn't have noticed it was the same one. After a brief discussion I asked that I get a full refund on the gun and the magazines, so I can't fault them at all on that front, although I do worry that somebody will end up purchasing the troublesome TM and some used mags. All in all, a mixed bag. Comms and the return process was good, but other things have left me reluctant to buy any guns from them in the future.
  5. Thanks for your help with it. It really is. I prefer it over the Hk45 too, so it all worked out in the end.
  6. New pistol after the HK45 debacle and the multiple recommendations to get one. Glad I went for it, it's such a good pistol. More mags and a holster on the way.
  7. There are some on Amazon that take 2 x AA batteries for around £8, but they look like they wouldn't be the best quality.
  8. Their only real posts were this thread, and then a classified listing. I'm guessing not.
  9. What are you all talking about with this 'ARP-9' and 'SMG' rubbish. It's obviously an GLOCK AK-47 assault rifle, specifically the AR-15 variant.
  10. Decision: HiCapa or an FNX-45? 

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    2. rocketdogbert
    3. CombatVVombat


      Ah brilliant. Thanks! I'd checked all of the main websites and they're all sold out. I'm going to go with the FNX. Thanks for all the help :)

    4. Dan1712


      I'd say the fnx is the better choice as @rocketdogbert I own both and I always chose the fnx over the hi-capa , in fact I don't know why I still.own the hi-capa 😂🤦‍♂️

  11. It's Patrol Base. I was told that getting sent my original one back wasnt intentional, and that all of their stock have been taken apart and lubed, and that they're all performing the same. So that's concerning if you're going to be paying £140 for a new pistol, as you may be receiving one that's already been tested and returned. They've confirmed that I'll be getting a refund on the pistol and the magazines, so that's good news, and I appreciate them doing that. I'll update this thread again with the final outcome, and probably stick a summary in the review section too just to make people aware.
  12. Thanks We had agreed that they'd send out a replacement pistol which had been lubed, but they've just sent my original one back and it's still suffering from the same issues, so I'm not hopeful that if I send it back again they're going to do anything different. I've asked for a full refund, for the mags and the pistol, and I'll look at going down a different route I think. Cheers for all the help chaps, I appreciate it.
  13. It does. It'll lock when the mag cools down, but it's sensitive enough that it'll disengage when inserting a fresh mag which to me doesn't seem right.
  14. They hadn't mentioned testing it @BigStew. It turns out they've sent the same one back (I was told they'd grabbed another off the shelf so it may just be luck that they grabbed my original one), but it seems to be working a bit better now that it's been stripped and lubed. It also seems to be working better when the magazines are colder compared to the temperature in my house. I'm not really sure on what's best to do. Inserting the mag with relative force still causes the slide to release, but I'll have to check to see how the slide lock works when the mag is empty tomorrow. I'm not sure if this is an issue you have @heroshark? I was under the impression it was going to be a new pistol, so I feel a little short changed as obviously stripping and living up the gun is less likely to fix the issues compared to a replacement. Feeling a little short changed at the moment, though!
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