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  1. Will do. The theory is good - have the BB sat a touch further back and raised up to the middle of the barrel to try and take some of the variance out of the 'starting position'. Be interesting to see how this works in practice. I was hoping to couple it with a Laylax/First Factory chamber too, but it looks like they're out of stock everywhere and I may have to wait until the next batch roll out of Japan. I'm not playing again until mid-April now, but I'll try and put some time aside to take it to a safe place to set hop and range it and report my findings.
  2. +1 for TNT. Contacted them as they don't do barrel lengths shorter than 320mm and they sent me out a 250mm S+ barrel same day.
  3. Is the Crazy Jet for MWS a specific model, or is it just the 'Crazy Jet for GBB' that's required? I got the impression the MWS barrels weren't quite VSR/GBB spec.
  4. Can't say I have. I'll pick one up and try that too. No harm in trying it as they're a reasonable price for a pack of 2. Good shout. I tried the Modify Tan and while the results were good, they weren't as good as the Maple Leaf setup I've got currently. But then again, at the rate I'm burning through this bucking, I'll be buying a new one every other game, so the rapidly decreasing weight of my wallet would eventually force me to shift to something else anyway.
  5. Haha, I had the same problem 'til I filed off the teeth of the stock hop arm. Currently, hitting about 310 on a .2, but like you, not settled on an 'ideal weight' yet. I ran .28s at a game on Sunday and had to dial the hop almost completely off, but I was comfortably hitting targets at about 50m so the accuracy was there. Unfortunately, it was an urban site with very few longer range areas, so I can't get an idea of maximum/effective range. Current hop unit is the stock one which has been modified so the hop arm has no 'teeth' and with the hop window enlarged to accept the Panthera VSR nub, which is like an oversized Omega nub/I-Key, I'm currently running this with a Maple Leaf Autobot 60o and the stock TM barrel, but also like you, I'm seeing damage to the Autobot bucking after one game. Gonna try a Maple Leaf 70o Diamond Monster hop bucking and see if it survives any better. I'll try and post up some pics when I'm not working.
  6. I'd be interested to see if you see any real gains here, because my ultimate plan is to go down this road, but I'd like to see how it compares to my Maple Leaf and Panthera setup and if the fuss of R-hopping is worth the performance increase. As per the above, when the weather stops being a massive diva, I'll get some range and accuracy tests for science and we can compare notes.
  7. I did something similar, except I filed down a bit more to create a very long window, coupled it with a Maple Leaf Autobot and a Panthera VSR nub (which are stupidly long, probably about another 2mm longer than an I-Key). I was then overhopping .48s massively, even with 'no hop applied'. So I sanded down the arm too to take the little prongs off it and I'm now getting Guarder .3s flying in a nice straight path for a very respectable range. Not sure on max range yet as the site I played at today was urban, but I'm comfortably making 50m kills so I can at least vouch for the accuracy and consistency of the setup. When I'm next outdoor, I'll try and bag a rangefinder and stick my scope on it so I can do a proper science for those looking to experiment.
  8. Good shout. Ordered one too. With the dimensions being somewhat similar, will these fit GHK gas mags too?
  9. On the subject of barrels, is anyone aware of any that use a larger hop window? I'm planning on r-hopping and wanna get the most out of the system.
  10. Perfect! You sir, are a scholar and a gent.
  11. Wow, the one page on this thread I somehow managed to miss... Well did, me... So does the green give lower fps than the stock TM nozzle? I want to drop the fps (from stock) a touch as I'm going to be swapping out barrel, hop and other pressure-affecting bits and will likely push it close or over 350fps.
  12. Hey folks, made an account on here so I could wade in on what seems to be the largest library of TM MWS knowledge on the 'net! I've read the whole thread thus far and must thank you all for talking about your experiences. To throw something into the mix that I haven't seen anywhere else before: Has anyone tried the G&P Enhanced Nozzle valves? Or even know what they do? I notice they come in 4 flavours, ranging from '3.5' to '5.0', but no descriptions on their function. I assume they only raise/lower shot power by throttling/releasing the gas going down the barrel, but it's unclear if they serve any other function, and what these vague numerical values allude to. Any ideas?
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