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  1. Lol, I have one just neither the batteries to operate it nor the means to mount it to my hand, but for OP Sunset I should have both of those.
  2. Got some photos of me from OPN Shooting Star 2019 this past weekend. I'm in my kit based off of a USMC FAST during Panama but some aspects I've taken as a general sort of Special Forces inspiration from the same years as Just Cause.
  3. A kit somewhere in between speed and milsim. It's my milsim load bearing equipment mixed with my Austrian Summer blouse, M81 trousers, cheap kneeps, Adidas Gazelles (Supplementary Mockbas), and my personally modified scrim boonie. The gun is a VFC Avalon I've modified to be a Colt SMG.
  4. Was scrounging around through some old pictures when I found this, me with my realtively unmodded MP5. I'll look for a pic of what it looks like now and will probably take one when I get home. And if you think I look bad in this pic, remember, it was raining like a sunuvabitch that day and I was in a different state. Found one, since the first photo I have added a scope mount and bought straight mags instead of the standard curved type. I'll have a more detailed photo when I get home.
  5. I really like this setup I have here. (Enhanced) LBV-88 with a personal ALICE setup. A couple of notes, half the tape holding the surplus strap is original gp tape that the guy still had on it when giving it away. The buttpack is dated 69, so I reckon it has some value to it past my kit. Also although the best is slightly off-kilter to my belt, it's still incredibly comfortable when drawing from either my LBV or the belt setup.
  6. Hm, so I swapped out my other flash hider for a spare AUG fh I have. Opinions? IMO, it looks like it resembles the RO633 moreso than the modded RO634/635 look I had going with the earlier iteration. Also my boonie now has actual scrim instead of commercial, cheap-looking mesh.
  7. The attached pics are the 90s US federal agent field kit/80s-90s general special forces kit with the completed Colt SMG build. Ngl, it's incredibly comfortable to use and maneuver with. If I sling the strap around the back of my neck, I can alternate between two-handed tasks and still properly shoulder it with one hand.
  8. Believe it or not, I have some historic justification for the grip. Back in 'nam when the Xm177 was hot, it was a popular mod for an operator to take a surplus pistol grip, sand it down, and then take some form of nut fastener to it and basically make it a foregrip. The one I chose I picked since it resembled a pistol grip they'd attach. The entire kit is modeled around sort of a surplus/classic operator mod basis. Pic related
  9. I'm currently working on converting a BDU blouse of mine into a RAID mod blouse. My decision came as follows: "Hey that looks pretty cool, wonder if there's any for sale." "Nice-DAMN! That's expensive." "Hm, I could make one, but that's not gonna happen." "Yeah, not gonna happen..." "Guess it's gonna happen." So I'll post pics when done.
  10. Lol, maybe... BUUUUT, in all fairness, here's a pic of me with a civilian clothes mockup.
  11. It's probably the stock. It's a lot shorter than the previous QRS stock that came with it. Likewise the stock is also of a cheaper material than the QRS polymer, but it's sturdy as hell. UPDATE! I have finally got my magazine converter in. Likewise I've done some updating to it. What's new: Shortened Rail Covers More Period-Correct Front Post Magazine Adapter! Field Expedient Sling In the future I'm looking to replace the trigger guard with a more classic style type.
  12. I too suffer from this problem. A while back I went "Hey I have an entire M81 BDU set (with a patrol and boonie cap), I need an ALICE kit, because that's what a US BDU was designed around." So I got an ALICE belt. Likewise I went "Hey, an LBV-88 is also period correct and I can DOUBLE my load bearing capabilities without overpacking my belt." So I got one of those. Then I snagged a picture of a Marine FAST in Panama with a Colt SMG and went "Hey, I need a Colt SMG." And then a long muddled story happened that will end on Monday when my magazine adapter gets here. And now I have an LC-2 Duckbill belt coming in with a 69 dated buttpack. I take back my previous statement, this story will NEVER end.
  13. Hi guys, first time posting on here! Firstly I'd like to say greetings from America! Secondly, I'd like to showcase my VFC Avalon that I have converted into a Colt SMG. It has a new upper since I couldn't remove the stock barrel nut, Matrix RIS rail handguard, real A2 carry handle, I forgot the brand of stock but it's styled after the XM177 stock, Matrix rail covers, stock QRS front post, Angel Custom (I believe) flash hider, and Element Airsoft 373 vertical grip. I was shooting for sort of a 90s/early 00's look.
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