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  1. Swampysteve

    Macks airsoft dreamers of the week thread

    🤣 I saw that earlier....... Must be a Novritsch BB!
  2. Swampysteve

    Best ever eBay airsoft related buy?

    Had a few great bargains the best was my Hawke Vantage+ 3-9x 40 scope.....£30 all in Inc laser sight, mounts and Bushnell flip covers. Original box, manual and the thing was in mint condition!! It's one sexy bit of kit
  3. Swampysteve

    Is this a ghost gun????

    Another one to go on the wish list!!
  4. Swampysteve

    Is this a ghost gun????

    If you scroll down they've got loads of different spec models, that pictured is the S Class-L
  5. Swampysteve

    Is this a ghost gun????

    Available in the states (as most things are! 😠) Looks pretty brand spanking from what I can see so won't be many 'honest' reviews yet How much if you don't mind me asking
  6. Swampysteve

    Is this a ghost gun????

    S Class - L
  7. Swampysteve

    Is this a ghost gun????

    Is it not this...... http://www.aresairsoft.com/guns/m4-45-pistol
  8. Swampysteve

    Is this a ghost gun????

    It's the music that does it for me! Genius
  9. Swampysteve

    Is this a ghost gun????

    Sorry @12kbosworth...... completely diverting from your OP. I'll be quiet now 😋
  10. Swampysteve

    Is this a ghost gun????

    I'm google-ing as we speak!! Epic!! Whaaaaaaatttttt!! 😎🤘
  11. Swampysteve

    Is this a ghost gun????

    Please tell me it was this!!!
  12. Swampysteve

    TM Sopmod Lipos?

    I just got a Turnigy nano-tech 7.4 2000mah and it fits in my stock tube and new G&G GOS V2 stock. About 127x19x21mm. A bit tight but nothing that would damage any of the wiring
  13. Swampysteve

    What are you driving?

    Representing the V-Dubbers!! 🤘😎
  14. Swampysteve

    Getting the hump .

    I think your bang on @Druid799 Opinions are like arseholes, everyone has one! And if you post something you do so on the basis that some may not agree or give you an alternative view which in most cases are all relevant whether you like it or not! And then there's biggest of them all.....it's the f**king internet....who gives a f**k!? 🤣
  15. Swampysteve

    How many guns ?

    There's a simple mathematical solution for this question..... N+1 N=the current number of guns you currently own. 🤘