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  1. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Was new but tags removed however never skirmished just tried on and some mirror action 🙄 A very good,well made and sturdy plate carrier with lots of adjustment etc. Comes with 4x M4 Mag pouch, 2x utility pouches, MFH Handystache and single point sling (all as shown in pics) Price includes PayPal fees and UK postage Any questions happy to answer 07855022192



  2. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Worked on this RIF to get it looking great for a while but unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances I'm having to let it go. This is brand new, never skirmished and only ever been used/fired in the garden to test and try out the scope. Upgraded to fire on an M140 spring with SHS high torque motor and SHS M140 spring - 420-440 fps (all internals rated to M140 out the box) On the RIF...(all new) 3x hi cap mags FMA mock silencer (foam filled) 6-9" Bipod Black angled foregrip Tan FAB defence Magwell grip Sniper style grip Also included...(all new) Tan angled foregrip (used) Black stubby foregrip M90 spring M110 spring M140 spring (spare) 7.4v 2000mah Lipo battery Lipo charger Original M130 motor Original flip up iron sights Original 9.6v 1100 mah NiHm battery Original battery charger Single point sling AND NEW Hawke Vantage+ 3-9x40 Mil Dot AO scope on tactical cantilever mount with laser sights and Bushnell lens protectors (worth £100!). Original box and manuels included. Price includes PayPal fees and UK postage but collection is preferred (-£20) Any questions happy to answer 07855022192



  3. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    AW Custom Glock Very good condition, never been skirmished. Custom hex cut outs to grip and slide. A very cool looking pistol. Shoots well with no issues. Comes with 3x leak free mags Rig retention holster with molle attachment Price includes PayPal fees and postage If collected (-£10) plus bottle of green gas with only a few mags worth used.



  4. I believe Zero One do heavy weight in white, quite a few others too ☝️
  5. @rocketdogbert where do I get me some of those!
  6. I'm sure there are plenty on here that wish they were him....myself included. Lucky sod! 🙄
  7. Justin Bieber......well now it all doesn't seem so bad 😋

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    Hi Lads/Lass's, If anyone has any stubby vn style M4 mags laying around then I'd be happy to purchase them off you 👍😀 Cheers


  9. Fair point, I can only assume as most retailers are small they'd only stock one or perhaps a couple of each Rif so once gone....could be a month before more come in?!? I'm no expert just thought the info may shed some light on why 👍 Plus if all retailers are purchasing from the same UK/European importer then it's a supply and demand issue?!?! I can't see the smaller guys ordering all their gear direct from the brands. Could be wrong....the Mrs says I usually am 😋
  10. Chinese New year so factories and distribution shut down for 2/3 weeks hence a lot of stuff out of stock
  11. Made a visit to Socom Tactical in Fleet and got myself an SHS High Torque motor & M140 spring. Installed on the DMR and firing sweet.
  12. As @rocketdogbert says.....Armourer Works all the way. I picked up a used (but in MINT condition) custom VX0101 with 3 leak free mags for £70 last year. Feels great, works great and parts quality imo much better than the TM Hi Capa I had before. (Sorry to all the TM fanboys - I did say imo 😋)
  13. Wow, pretty comprehensive appreciate the time your giving me/the thread @Iceni So apart from the new headset (and potential sorbo but looking unlikely now) I hadn't really thoughtt past that in terms of other physical mods. I have a foam filled suppressor which when compared to on/off makes the square route of [email protected]&k all difference in sound so it stays on more for looks. My build is a DMR so just want to take the gear whine and 'thud' down a step. So when it's opened up will look at the obvious shimming, greasing etc and from what I have heard that can make a huge difference too. It will more than likely be a trial and error thing and like you say....it's and AEG....it's never going to be silent but can be quieter than out the box.
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