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    Wolverine MTW. STI/Airsoft masterpiece 2011 custom Hi cappa. Wolverine Bolt in a custom VSR-R.
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    CTSFO for urban, ghillie over 95 dpm for woodland HDE paintball kit for speedsoft.
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    Sou Kula, The Quarry (run by Sou Kula) and Pistol Shrimps.
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  1. After trying pretty much every major eye pro on the market over the last 5 years i settled on Revision desert locust fan goggles with the dual pane lens. I even tried Dye I4 with a fan module added, still fogged them after 20 mins fast play. Bit OTT but they never fog up, and have been run every week for 9 months. Not cheap, but mega quality. Bought on advice of a cousin who used his in Afghanistan as he wasnt happy with what he was issued. Forget shot testing with an AEG haha these have passed tests against 12G shotguns !.
  2. karldavies

    Gun picture thread

    So far its runs well. On a stock capa it will fire the full drum worth, this one of mine is less gas efficient tho so it runs out of gas after about 160 shots. gas capacity is massive it takes about 1/4 of a can to fill it. Not an issue for me really tho as it was bought with the intention of running it on HPA :).
  3. karldavies

    Gun picture thread

    Capa i have been building this month is pretty much complete now. Plan is to run it for a few weeks then strip it and cerakote the frame and slide. Im thinking black and tactical grey ?.😁
  4. karldavies

    CQB Help

    True enough, as a base for a CQB gun build tho i like the firehawk. Quite a lot of them about for cheap prices.
  5. karldavies

    Arcturus AT-AR07 for a fusion gen 3 body

    You cant fit Fusion engine, but there are no shortage of drop in engines which should fit.My current engine of choice is the Wolverine Reaper :).
  6. karldavies

    CQB Help

    The only way to make the MP7 good atm is to A buy the GBBR version (seriously, awesome bit of kit) B HPA them. I have tuned a few, and out what must of been self hate spent 6 weeks trying to get 350fps and 20rps out of one even gone so far as to have custom wound motor made for mine. The simple limits of the AEP gearbox mean they will never be competitive with an equally small ARP 9 firehawk ect. Regarding the firehawk noise.That is just the effect of a massively over volumed barrel combined with a poorly shimmed gearbox.The box on them is one of the worst sounding in recent years imo. I built one for a friend why plays speedsoft with a custom ported cylinder, roughly 40% the volume of a standard V2 SHS swiss cheesed half tooth piston, short stroked the gears 1tooth added a gate titan and setup for precocking. Tornado full cnc torque motor and an M140 finished it off. 315fps 46 rps auto near instant semi response and quieter sound signature. Absolute monster that thing is, glad its used on a semi only site. Several interesting points raised in this thread :). Yes indeed. Thats the amazing thing about the hi capa as a platform. You can make it fit you as a player. Do you want very little recoil and a hyper snappy trigger ? Right this way sir, a nano slide light weight BBU and short stroke buffer kit will set you up nicely. Do you want it to kick hard and feel as real as possible ? Heavy full steel slide and frame 140% recoil spring and steel sights plus a steel cylinder will get that weight up and get that slide kicking around. (Tho it will use gas like a drunk girl trying jagermeister for the first time) I love working on them.But i suffer from ADOS... attention deficit OHHHH SHINY.
  7. karldavies

    CQB Help

    Got a lot more goodies being delivered for mine today, going to test build it and then strip it and drop the parts off to my local RFD to be cerakoted. Parts spec on it has got ridiculous haha the only TM part left on it now is the grip safety. Will upload a picture later to show you what is available. Also just took delivery of a 350rd hi cappa drum so i can compete on equal level with the lads running firehawks. Nothing worse than running out of ammo in a game.
  8. karldavies

    CQB Help

    TM 5.1 ? Just my opinion but spend the money upgrading the cappa imo. There is a reason almost all speedsofters run cappas. For CQB there simply isnt a better tool for the job, smaller lighter and more maneuverable. Mine, tho most are a project developed over time mine was built out from the off and i just recently spent a bit of money upgrading to a alloy nozzle better hop unit ect. Nothing that makes it perform better, just further increasing the legendary reliability. while its stripped im getting it cerakoted,bored of the gold haha.
  9. karldavies

    Gun picture thread

    Just one of my favorite in game pics, kinda still on topic as its me on the top with the sniper rifle, i had been sniping from on board with our team being transported between objectives. Its my friends FV434 we were using it as an APC with a FV101 Scorpion for support at the CIA vs FDLR Battlesim about 2 years ago.
  10. karldavies

    Gun picture thread

    Few more pics of stuff in my collection and stuff i have built in recent years. Highlights being, HPA M16A2 (sold a long time ago but only good picture i have of the whole rifle) Valken V12 engine in a APS body with internal regulator a tank stock and one off carbon bull barrel.This beauty can be run on HPA or CO2 easily thanks to an internal expansion chamber.Took a lot of work to get this working but it was an experiment to see what i could build. Krytac SPR based DMR with fully upgraded internals and a real Magpul PRS modified to fit Marui MWS with full internal and external upgrades. Blaser R93 and VSR mancraft HPA sniper rifles. Another of my HK417 hpa builds. Line fed Glock tapped for hpa with remote 3000 rd drum. Skorpion Evo smg with fully upgraded internals, short stroked 12-1 ect. One of the best shooting AEGs i have built. Cheers guys :).
  11. karldavies

    Gun picture thread

    Surprisingly lighter than my A&K MK43 which im selling soon as i just dont get time to use it.
  12. karldavies

    Gun picture thread

    Blackpool based, i had the AA12 sold it my brother as local sites are semi only which made the KSG12 a better choice for me. Ahhh nice dude, i bought mine as a none functional project got it working and sold it on after skirmishing it a few times. The recoil was nice, the proprietary hop (dunno if its changed since then ?) not so much. It always amazes me how limited the market is for recoil mechanical hpa as there is so much potential there. A DG MK249 i played with was especially cool tho, something i may look into owning my self on day.
  13. karldavies

    Gun picture thread

    All wolverine and the converted KSG and hi capa at the moment. I own 1 G2 inferno MTW. 2 reaper electro mechanical 2 reaper premium and a Bolt. Over the last 5 years i have had Wolverine SMP, Hydra Gen 1 inferno A Daytona Gun MSK, Mancraft PDIK SVD SDIK VSR and R93 Blaser Polarstar Gen 2 fusion and Jack. Valken V12 (very under rated system imo) Sunproject Mp5. Redline N7 Milsim. Tippman M4. HPA TM MWS KSG and Hi Capa. Built all sorts for friends and customers as well :).
  14. karldavies

    New hpa gun in the pipeline

    Depends on the game, some of the games i play last 4 hours with constant engagement due to vehicles acting as respawn and reload points. Can you refill 30rd with a speed loader in under 3 seconds ? Because thats how long it took me to change bulbs with my Wraith, with each bulb good for 120 shots or basically 1 midcap per bulb.Not the best on a skirmish, i personally fitted a dual source kit so i could also run off an air bottle but with the ability to disconnect and continue shooting off the internal CO2 if i wanted to. I used to carry the co2 bulbs in a chest mount shotgun shell carrier. "Seems like it’s trying to create a solution to a problem that didn’t need to be there" Eh the most common complaint in HPA is the airline, or the unrealistic/ugly AF buddy bottles. The Wraith solves both problems. Dion demos it better than i ever could
  15. karldavies

    Gun picture thread

    Just figured i would post a few of my builds. Some of them being pretty rare RIFs others totally unique hand built :).