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  1. In fairness to the company, their FN FAL seems to have had good reports for the first batch.
  2. Various STANAG magazine adapters for sniper rifles. So you can use your 300 round hicap with a bolt action rifle.
  3. Will give them credit for at least launching with different variants. Imagine at some stage we will have a Novritsch AK series.
  4. Quite right. Unfortunately what they seem to make these days according to their social media is PCCs, revolvers and M1/2 carbines.
  5. Think it was the second half of the decade. Find references to the "new NS2" system in reviews from 2007/2008. For example a review from Arnies from 2008 making reference to the new System 7. https://arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/157508-ksc-sigpro-sp2022/
  6. True the uptake will probably be somewhat similar to lipo batteries. Interesting that thus far (to this best of my knowledge) no company has them as standard in the AEGs. Think one of them (possibly VFC?) were hinting at introducing a range with them out of the box.
  7. That makes sense. Glad to see that the number of brushless motors available seems to be increasing. Beats just having Warhead and Option no.1 as the only choices.
  8. The bottom adjustment is an interesting addition. Seen the new brushless T238 motors have a similar set up.
  9. Was going to mention the Prometheus gears but someone else has covered it. They are available from Eagle six, again pricey but at least should be better postage costs. https://eagle6.co.uk/shop/catalog/product/view/id/3965/s/laylax-prometheus-high-speed-hard-gear-set-version-7-for-m14-standard-aeg-series/
  10. Hope that they continue to produce both the standard and deluxe model. It's always nice to have options. Also kudos to VFC for coming up with two different lines versus King Arms dismal progress on the FAL front.
  11. Been very tempted in the past by that. Particularly with the SCAR Convertible Outer Barrel, makes a very decent looking piece.
  12. Fair point. Should have specified a FAL Aeg. By all accounts the VFC is a lovely piece of kit. The same company have a DX version due for release this year. Which of course will be out before any King Arm's FAL/L1A1 offerings in all likelihood.
  13. Wish another company would give a FAL type a go. At this stage think I might sink the funds I have set aside for the KA into a DCA L7A2. October/November seems a short wait compared to King Arms' generic "end of 2023".
  14. Bonus points if you leave your phone at the site.
  15. Take off stock and place in bag. Put stock back on when at game site. Take off stock before packing at the end of the day. Would it be viable?
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