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  1. FYI - forget the ICS Makarov - utter shit.  There is a plastic collar around the Co2 valve that just deforms.  Had one blow out of the gun completely and the second one is now mangled as well.  And I am not even tightening the Co2 bulb that tight.  Result is that its really inconsistent in the power it puts out.  When it does shoot its fantastic but you need to get the bulb in at precisely the right point which is a PITA.

    1. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      owch, thanks for the heads up.


      grabbed a kwc one off @Wo1f and it's turning out to be a right cracker, gonna keep her as my winter gun and stick with the WE in summer.


      must admit i do wish i could get an alloy nozzle for the we, noticed the other day she's starting to bulge due to being fed too much heavy ammo :(

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