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  1. I have an Ares Amoeba AM-009 and bought the PTS EPS-C stock to go on it. I kind of expected it wouldn't fit, and it didn't. I tried swapping the buffer tube from a buddy onto my rifle to find that the quick release spring guide protrudes out too far so I can't screw the buffer tube on. What is my best solution here? Can I simply find a shorter screw (and what size?) or is there a buffer tube that will accommodate the quick change spring guide and allow the mil-spec sized (1.148”) stock to fit?

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    I'm selling this rifle as I no longer use it due to the purchase of an M4 based platform. The gun is in excellent condition with only a few scratches on the moving parts, as pictured. All internals are completely stock. The stock spring was shortened to lower FPS. It's shooting at 340 +/- 5fps with 0.20g BBs. I had a tech bring the FPS down as it was initially over 350. Included G3 Rifle with original box (the box has seen better days due to storage) 5 polymer midcap magazines. These do have feeding issues but you may be able to modify them to make them feed better. They also do not seat 100% in the magazine catch and with enough force can be pulled or knocked out. Metal hi caps or low caps have been known to feed and seat well in this rifle. 1 metal hicap magazine. Feeds perfectly. An ASG Strike Systems red/green dot. This uses a claw mount and attaches directly to the body of the rifle. Two 8.4v batteries. One is 1100 mAh and the other is 1600 mAh. The 1100 mAh battery was included when I bought the rifle. Collapsible rear stock. Original rear sling plate. Original charger. I haven't used this, and I recommend you don't either. But I have included it anyway. Shooting targets, manual and tools. The only thing missing from the original package was a claw style mount to picatinny rail. These are easily found from many retailers. Price is £160. The optic and stock are valued at roughly £50 RRP each. I am open to offers. Contact via PM or WhatsApp. Please only use my number to contact via WhatsApp as I won't answer phone calls until a sale has been arranged. Collection in person is extremely preferred and cash would be exchanged upon collection. Any postage costs would be on top of the sale price and would be paid for via PayPal.


    London, Surrey - GB

  3. I think I should be okay. The vest I use is pretty solid and it's up on my chest where it's mounted. Fingers crossed
  4. Aha, that's... interesting shall we say? But thanks dude 😃
  5. Can you set of a MK5 Thunderflash by shooting it? I want to thread mine through the webbing but I don't know if it's safe.
  6. Yeah, I won't take my chances. Looks like a pretty sharp pen!
  7. Sure, he looks unarmed... right?
  8. Even though we're playing toy soldiers, camo is actually incredibly effective. I almost stepped on a team mate in a ghillie suit 'cause I didn't see him at all. I was next to him for about 5 minutes... I got up to move and he said "watch your step mate". I nearly died.
  9. So long as you're not like this one guy I knew. He wore blue kryptek. There's just no way to justify that! Yeah, it's definitely the go to. Y'know, DPM just doesn't look as "operator". Got to be as tacticool as we can after all.
  10. Oh, I recommend The Mall for sure. I'll be there this Sunday as it happens. Also, their photographer is amazing so bring your ego if you ever go. It depends on how far out you're looking to go. We frequent Xsite, Dogtag, The Mall and recently Green Ops. A quick search on FB will find all of these pages. Nice choice on MTP. I'm seeing far too much DPM lately, and I just don't like it! But then again, I don't use camo altogether. Tan is my flavour. It's nice to see someone actually buying the important things first. So many people rush out and get a gun as soon as they can.
  11. Dogtag is a fantastic site. It's also one of the largest sites I've played at. Although there were the glory days of the Sandpit =') R.I.P. What area are you local to? We can recommend some other good places to go to. A word of advice... the buying doesn't stop... never... ever...
  12. I already have one of these but I am interested in the holder for the .209s. Where did you find that?
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