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  1. I never did work out who "Feng" was (if that lovely message is still there on the way in to site!)
  2. Reed20v

    Which ak74u? CYMA LCT or ICS

    FYI, if you're buying the CYMA in the UK it doesnt come out the box at 400fps, that is just the same box they use worldwide. Mine clocked in around 300ish stock on .2g bb's. It was built like a fcking tank, had a 3 mile long trigger pull and shook like washing machine when you fired it - very authentic!
  3. Reed20v

    What Pistol would you recommend?

    I have a WE glock 19 and before that i had a TM P226, both very good guns imo! i dont use pistols at any sort of "range" because i'm a shit shot with them to be frank so "pointability" is more important than range and accuracy for me. I also have a ancient broken TM Hicapa 5.1 which has an enormous amount of aftermarket parts available so if you want some tricked out chrome and gold cannon that might be worth a look!
  4. Reed20v

    Cheap BBs

    i think Airsoft World sell crap BBs (QC failures) specifically for launchers/claymores etc FYI
  5. Reed20v

    Gun picture thread

    SR25 - maple leaf hop, tightbore, mags that dont feed properly M4 - doesnt feed, M100 spring, in for a maple leaf hop and diagnostics MP5SD6 - £90 hero i bought on a whim and has been the best airsoft gun ive ever owned.
  6. Reed20v

    First Time at the Mall

    oh good! (not good that its closing, good that its just a rumour!)
  7. Reed20v

    First Time at the Mall

    I heard rumours that the mall was slated to close soon? Is there any truth in that as ive played there in the past and whereas its a bit of a trek and more expensive than other sites it's a unique experience and i want to drag my mates there who are just getting into airsoft