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  1. I did this exact hop upgrade in my Rapax and have been really impressed with the results. Don’t get me wrong you don’t have the range and accuracy of a sniper that’s R hopped but that’s not what you pick a dmr up for imo. I think dmr has to be used in conjunction with team mates to cause hell for the enemy. My last game day one of the best uses of my dmr came when we were attacking a building complex with little cover leading up to it, being able to repetitively put rounds through windows from range whilst my team mates advanced on the outpost really made a big difference. Before we did this our team was taking a lot of losses to incoming fire on the advance.
  2. Not really a problem so to speak, but as stock I was lifting .25 without much problem but the carry just wasn’t great, .30s would lift but for the same distance I could push my .25s.
  3. It does but it was a brass barrel, i already had a prom Steel 6.03 lying around to fit it so thought what the heck, got to be better than the brass one. before upgrades it was decent, but I was struggling with hop lift. Now I’m shoving .32s down it as it’s the heaviest I can get without spending a small fortune. I was lifting .40s no problem but at £17 Per 1000 when I can .32s for £18 per 3300 it’s a no brainer. Besides, the fun of a dmr comes from long range sustainable fire, so if you play like me you will churn up ammo. Nothing says area denial like a dmr sitting out of your range while raining bbs through your fire hole/window.
  4. Since originally posting this I’ve upgraded my hop and barrel on mine and been running .32s through it and getting consistent enough results. it’s been very reliable so far, accurate to about 70-80m, I’ve managed to drop headsize targets in windows at 50-60m without too much strain, and generally quite a pleasure to use. it tends to get quite some attention too since they are not so common.
  5. Hey bud are these still all available?
  6. Ahh man I’ve never been to Airsoft Plantation. I’ve only recently jumped back into airsoft, since coming back I’ve gone to Epsom, Croydon and invicta in Kent. My next outdoor stop has got to be dorking tbh.
  7. Ahh yeah I remember you man! Pleasant to meet you albeit on a forum, small world haha. where else do you usually play?
  8. Sorry for the late reply bud, been absolutely hectic lately. Yes my names Alex. You had me the first time 😂
  9. I went to this site Sunday, and had very mixed feelings overall. Generally this is a really different cqb site, the tunnels set up a really unique feeling and the lighting (or might I say lack of) in some areas creates this grand opportunity for ambush tactics. The players overall were absolutely splendid, no issues with hit taking, generally all up for a giggle. Games were intense, fast passed, and emphasis put on ensuring players are out there enjoying firing plastic at each other and game rules and courteous play is being followed. however, my one and only major concern was the lack of enforcement of gun FPS in any regard. There was a chronoing at the beginning of the day however there was no enforcement of making sure you had .20bbs loaded into your magazine prior to testing, and no marking/identification applied to your gun to show it had been chronoed and passed. I received some of the most serious welts and skin splits I have received whilst airsofting, and some of these were not even from point blank range, and were from full length corridor firefights. I do believe there were people there running hot and disguising their hot guns with heavier rounds just to pass chrono. This is a real shame because as much as the site is something very different, I am just not prepared to take the risk when I feel the rules regarding health and safety are just not being strongly enough enforced. With the maximum range being around 30m at a push, I don’t really understand the need to be running a hot gun down there anyway, the only change it makes is an increase in chance of injury and potentially pushing customers away. has anyone else had a similar experience as this?
  10. Yea I did mean .30s 😂 apologies. Well I’ve got some .30gs ready for next game day, and I’ll see how they perform but would you recommend trying to go for a heavyer bb?
  11. @Reed20v yeah the mags do cross over I’ve read, though I’m going to stick with the rapax 50 round mags and just carry 5 total. im probably going to stick to them and see if they handle 30g bbs, but might need to upgrade hop to help with the bb lift.
  12. Hi guys Ive recently jumped back into airsoft in a big way since a basically 10 year hiatus. The main difference on my return to airsoft has been actually having a disposable income to be able to purchase items I previously would never have been able to afford. One of these items has been the Secutor Rapax m1, which so far I have thoroughly enjoyed however, I have struggled to find much info on these online in terms of parts and moding. I know these essentially are an ares SR25 under all the Secutor outer construction but i wanted to hear first hand from people what they may have done with their own in order to push these above the mark and make it that bit more reliable than when directly out of the box. appreciate it guys
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