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  1. Was thinking about getting a p* jack for one of the Amoebas for Christmas..

    Does the engine fit in there? One of my local shops says no, but I've seen people running them..

    Shall I try?

    1. Georgeturner2001
    2. Skara


      Is it a decent engine compared to a jack?

      I mean, the price difference is high, it costs a lot less than the p* (roughly half the p* price)..

      I don't want to drop 200+€ on the valken and then have to drop another 400 on the p* because the v12 turns out to be crap.

    3. proffrink


      They're all basically the same at this point (with some exceptions like the Fusion engine or the pneumatic ones like Mancraft and DG), but Google is your friend - there should be plenty of reviews :) A Valken v12 will be absolutely fine.