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  1. Car-15 style slim handguard yay or nay?

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    2. alxndrhll


      Seems like you've answered your own question then (unless cost ends up being prohibative). I hate the look of crane stocks and find them far too wide for my comfort, but appreciate the functional element in terms of battery storage (I prefer sleek/slim stocks, my favourite two being the B5 systems repro CAR stock and the BCM Gunfighter fwiw).


      Again very much an opinion thing, but since using the Unity mount on ARs and the Zenitco B-18 on AKs I'm entirely into jacking those optics up nice and high. So much more comfortable for me, in the not too distant future I'll be looking into having a carry handle transplated onto an MWS upper to do the whole Gordy/Blood Diamond thing. Though much like you, I'm definitely not using an A1/A2 grip with the BCM mod 3 being my preference.


      As always, you do you. As long as it's not landing you in crippling debt you know as well as I do that the moment you're asking this sort of question around here that you're already definitely buying it irrelevent of what gets said 😅.

    3. Druid799


      Saying about wanting a ‘Gordon’ inspired look to an M4 i’ve got a classic army 733 used in BHD , greenzone and possibly blood diamond on its way to me soon . Couple of yrs ago a prop house who supplied these films with most of the guns used was selling off its airsoft inventory , and a friend who does work for the guy who bought a big chunk of the stock is helping him sell them on .

    4. Skara


      Small update, I can't seem to find a good slim handguard in stock (in Europe, that is), so now I am leaning towards a very simple and boring KAC RIS one (cqbr/mk18 mod.0).

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