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  1. Former roommate (now renter) is literally digging her own grave right now.


    I've always been kind and understanding towards her, letting her pay the rent way later than the usual date (because her dad gets paid on the 15th), not letting her pay for some shit she broke (like 3 door locks, a couple of handles and a window frame) and doing everything I could to fix problems without spending money.


    She's exactly 1 month late now for the rent, she has to pay some bills (which I always fully pay beforehand by my own pocket), she says her dad isn't getting paid.

    But her mom bought a €100+ plane ticket last week to visit her.

    I have nothing against a mother visiting her daughter, for God's sake kick me in the balls if I do, but i'm quite pissed with the "haven't paid the rent yet but I spent unnecessary money" mentality.


    I am now legally entitled to kick her ass out of my house. Which I will do if she pulls out any stupid excuse.

    I have around 3 years worth of proof of her paying LATE despite his family not being "economically challenged", but purely because of her mother's laziness.


    I may sound like a dick, but I'm getting tired of this situation.



    Plus I have proof of her boyfriend (which is also a renter) actively trying to delay some procedures to try and fuck me.



    Shall I proceed with the eviction procedure?

    1. Show previous comments  15 more
    2. Skara


      Idk if I should, tbf.

      I mean, I could link her "work" IG account.

    3. Steveocee


      I don't think you should (remark was made jokingly). Keep the moral high ground and only post nudes if you have them.

    4. Skara


      Wasn't going to anyway :P

      Although her "work" account is public and literally anyone can take a look at it.


      Asked for an update on the rent, her dad hasn't been paid yet.

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