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  1. Skara vs cheaters: early fall edition.


    Decided to take out my striker for a nice chilled game day, haven't really played with it and also tested a few things like camo, sniper rig and a couple other things.


    Anyway, last 2 games of the day, I'm on attack and locate the last defender, so I ditch the bolty and go full ham with my mk23. I manage to get to 4/5 metres from him, undetected. Pull out of cover, carefully aim and proceed to dump one bb right between his eyes (all I could see was the face) with a quick follow up shot to the lower face mask. Saw both impacts clearly.

    Guy flinches, raises his gun and fires in my direction, meanwhile I had already disappeared behind my cover.

    I jump out again and put 2 in his arm before being hit.


    It's alright, he got smoked 3 seconds after by a teammate who got behind him, so everything was fine.


    Last game, on defense, I set up a quick hide from where I can see almost all of the objective area. Then a 40ish yo lady shows up, in the open, slowly walking towards the flag, checking left and right for us. I derp the first shot on the only tiny freaking branch between me and her, but she doesn't notice as my striker appears to be almost whisper quiet. I quickly load a second round and for some reason I accidentally turned on the hop, so instead of flying towards her chest, it goes straight to her mouth (she was wearing one of those cheap OD mesh goggles + plastic mask combos).

    She flinches, takes a knee. The third bb strikes her in the boob, flinches again and runs to cover as if nothing happened.


    Both these people are part of a club we invited.


    I am still confused. I thought the point of the game was to be honest.

    1. Musica


      I've found the closer to the end of the day the less people give a fuck about rules because less consequences I suppose and probably more frustrated from previous shots they think they were hitting people with.

    2. Rogerborg


      That is a fair point.  You can start the day with the best of intentions, then end it scowling and snarling at a catalogue of real or perceived foul play.


      Although fundamentally, if you're not there to take hits, why are you there?

    3. Skara


      Doesn't matter too much though, I am not one who holds grudges against others.


      Will give those 2 guys a second chance next time we invite them :)


      worst case I'll be holding down the trigger for a little longer than needed. I heard bb showers encourage hit calling :P

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