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    E&L Gen2 AKS-74U, Specna C-02, Pink Ares 013, Striker AS02, G&G ARP 9, TM G17, AAP01, SSX23.
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    Various, mostly wear God's Plaid and A-Tacs FG/iX
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    La Spezia, Italy
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    Scuba Diving, Ski, MTB, Bushcraft, Mechanical stuff, Architecture.

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  1. Got offered a job.


    At my parents place.


    Gonna check it out next week.

    1. Rogerborg


      Working with your family:


      do you bite your thumb at us sir I do bite my thumb sir ALL NE CAN CHOPPER do you bite your thumb at us sir no sir I do not bite my thumb at you sir but I bite my thumb sir do you quarrel sir

    2. Skara


      Uh, no.

      It's in the same town, completely different job than my dad's :P

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