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  1. L-fucking-MAO.


    Complaining about people being mad right after popping 4 in the face at literally point blank.



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    2. Musica


      @PT247 spot on he wasn't trying to shoot him in the face there is people behind the first row of people higher up because they are further up the stairs. I will do my best to avoid face shots on anyone mask or no mask  but  it's not my problem if they happen. I shot a guy in the ear about a month ago he was just walking past a head height window and I felt bad sure but also glad to be wearing my dye i5.  


      I think people are crazy to run non full seal safety glasses let alone no face protection.  Various excuses I hear for it: can't get down on their sights (use a riser) and they need nothing between them and their gun. Ruins their "immersion".


      I really went off THG when I seen him basically advocating against face protection. Why do people wear helmets but no face masks? 



    3. Rogerborg


      >" Completely unnecessary shots imo"


      Necessary in order to play the game that we're all there to play at that site.


      The Depot is a very-CQB site, and the engagement ranges are coming down all the time as they add more and more cover.  Jet was playing the site the way it has to be played.


      It's also characteristic to hear a lot of adrenaline fuelled expletives and unnecessary-but-polite apologies, but it's all forgotten about within seconds.  Everybody who plays there knows and accepts this, or they stop playing. They're always over-booked, so it's clearly not a problem.


      What was out of order in that video was the high BFG near the start.  He'd been told very clearly not to do that, while standing right next to the marshal giving the briefing.

    4. Lasbrisas17


      Such snowflakery, next we'll argue using bfg's indoors because it might hurt someone's ears because they chose not to wear hearing protection. How about shooting someone's eyes because they aren't wearing full seal? Go play laser tag or nerf.

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