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  1. Lol That much to say! Rest up. Add your comments if you please!
  2. Oh nice, I was a regular at a field which had several themes. Including RE and SW. It had the bunker from return of the jedi + speeder bike. Also Resident Evil in another area of the main field. So multiple themes in one playing area mix it up enough?
  3. Exactly. At 13 I was shooting air rifles, shot guns and rifles. Qualified marksman not long after. However, completely agree kids can be annoying. Lol Themed playing fields have been an attraction. From Resident Evil to simple real life ops. Elevators and tanks have also sparked an interest. Your reply is much appreciated. Thank you.
  4. So I am doing some research and I am curious how people feel about 1 - Under 18 players? 2 - Themed game sites? (Resident Evil, BF, COD, MOH etc) Detailed or short replies are welcome.
  5. Just to update. Went on Saturday, wasn't so bad. Think all your comments prepared me for the worst. The regular players were friendly, only had 1 guy who wasn't calling his hits. Staff had said the would shoot suspected themselves to see what would happen. Staff were not bad, they organised best they could with 100 players and only 3 refs in the field. Lots of kids, which in its self wasnt a bad thing and they were well behaved. Wish I played airsoft when I was there age. One parent in particular was an arse in the safe zone. Guess he was trying to look big to his kids. Didnt enjoy it as much as Japan. I'll go back in a couple of weeks to see what its like then and to sort my UKARA form out. Its 20 minutes away from where I live as where the other fields mentioned are an hour. I'll post again when I visit those fields and hopefully meet up with some of you. Thanks again for all the replies.
  6. Oh God really! The website pictures show happy, professional, dedicated airsofters. Guess they used photoshop or pictures from another field by the sound of it. Haha Think I will still check it out as it's only 20mins away from me and it will be interesting to see it for myself as it seems there might be a business opportunity in the local area if they really do get the player numbers I have been told. Keep the replies going. Really interested in hearing everyone's thoughts.
  7. Thanks for the link. Review was very detailed.
  8. Thanks for the suggestion. I'll look it up, I'm 20 minutes away from Tactical Warfare. So will be going there often. It's cool you got a chance to experience JP! Electric Town is my favourite place, would go there every Friday to see what's new at the airsoft shops. I would defo advise anyone who is thinking of visiting Asia to visit Japan, as Immortal said people are polite, they do go out their way to help you and with the Olympics coming up they are making it easier for westerners to get around. I got so many airsoft guns whilst living there I struggled to sell them all before leaving and ended up bringing 7 back via UPS. Forgot to add if you fancy an airsoft whilst visiting Tokyo look up Tokyo Airsoft Group on Facebook. Lots of English speaking players there who are happy to take visitors out for games. Mind you outdoor fields are mostly in Chiba (North of Tokyo) and it can up to 2hrs by train to get to them. Well worth the travel!
  9. Hi everyone. Finally have my first chance this weekend to get my first UK airsoft game in at Tactical Warfare down in Kent / Croydon / London. Not long relocated from Tokyo where I have lived for the last 3 years and discovered the wonderful world of airsoft. I was a regular player in JP and just wondering if anyone here will be at my new local field (Tactical Warfare) on the 9th March and wouldn't mind making me feel welcome like the Japanese have done. My call sign is Grimz (AKA_Grimz on Instagram), so if you see my tags and happen to remember this post. Say Hi!
  10. Thanks for posting. I didn't realise the DSG version has no semi auto function. I'd got a dsg g&g gearbox off ebay and thought I had an issue with my selector switch. Your post saved me some time. Cheers!

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    I am after a hand guard for an m203 launcher if anyone has one they don't need. Thanks for reading


  12. AKA_Grimz

    Ar15 Shell

    Hi. How much to post and PayPal okay?
  13. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Used. Signs of wear and use all over the body. Originally an EBB, however I had this disabled to accommodate stronger springs. I had to have it repaired because the spring I added caused the fake bolt plate to break when used on full auto and damaged the gearbox. So to stop and further issues it was best to disable the EBB. All damage caused to gearbox internals have been replaced and tested by professional Japanese Airsoft Engineers. Despite the above it is an amazing bit of kit, quick change spring option is really handy when changing playing fields and required FPS each week and want to cut down the number of RIFs you own. Not been used since being repaired and tuned. Despite APSs reputation, I found breaking it in has cleared any issues. Really loved using this gun, range is good and ROF. Currently has a m95 spring which puts out 1.2j max with 0.25. Body is black with APS tan grip and VFC tan stock. Got rid of the standard APS stock as there wasnt enough room for anything other than a single stick battery. Open to swaps for G&G M4 etc body parts and certainly offers. I don't feel I have over priced, however throw some numbers at me. Questions or more detailed pix msg me. Collection ok PayPal preferred


    Orpington - GB

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