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  1. What's the general consensus these days? I've got a 6.03 on my AEG, was thinking of swapping it for a 6.01. But I think I remember reading someone saying a bigger diameter is better now?
  2. It can depend on the day and who I've gone with. I've been the guy holding down the button to get time on the clock as my team mates cover me from the enemies, gone off with one mate skirting around the edge and taking out loads of enemies from the back and led suicidal charges in the thick of the action. That's one of the things I like about Airsoft, there's always a role to play that can suit how you're feeling on the day.
  3. Haha yep! It's all a learning curve at the minute Thanks mate I'll have a look at that
  4. Gutted I put an order with them a couple of days ago! Thanks buddy I'll bear that in mind
  5. Can anyone suggest a couple bits of kit to get for playing as a sniper? Battle belt? Pouches?....etc Not too expensive but not cheap crap either.
  6. I have a cyma CM.700A (M40A5) on the way from Taiwan gun for £129! (about £40 cheaper than UK sites!) It'll be my first sniper, I know it's not gonna be the best but advertised as 490fps out the box with a range of about 72m. I'm relatively new to Airsoft and already have a nuprol defender, which isn't half bad (I know there's a lot of hate for nuprol on here so let's leave it at that! Haha) but I want to be able play half say as a rifleman half as a sniper. The site's selling it seem to rate it but I'm not niave enough to think it's gonna be amazing! But sounds half decent out the box. I'll give it a couple of run outs then look at doing a couple of upgrades (barrel, hop up....etc)
  7. Hi bully78 Do you mean the CM.700A (M40A5) or the CM.700 (M40A3)? The review is for the CM.700, it sounds good, but I'd like to know more about the CM.700A if anyone knows anything?
  8. Wasn't there a recall on nuprol chargers a little while ago? Might one that slipped through?
  9. Little prick in a tower wouldn't call his shots, I wouldn't back down! (I respawned after each shot, they fucking hurt)
  10. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Brand new SSP1, I have never fired it or even loaded the mags. It's exactly as it came from the factory. Both mags are green gas types. I bought in October but the delivery time was so long I bought another gun while I was waiting. This is a lovely gun but I just prefer my other and can't ever see myself using both. It comes with two mags, the case and a mag well extender.


    Brighton, East Sussex - GB

  11. Some of these numbers being bounced around are insane! Anyone got pics to prove it? I've got three guns, one M4, an M9 and a SSP1 But probably gonna sell the SSP1 I get a small pay rise next month so hoping to add a sniper maybe.......or an MP7......or both That is mental!
  12. Can you recommend some sites to sell it? I bought a bellum while I waited for it to come and I prefer the feel of that over the ssp1
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