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  1. Craigmc1983

    Shops in Brno / Czech Republic

    Here you go mate, dunno why I didn't think of that! Haha Jana Zajíce 982, Pardubice, Czech Republic
  2. Craigmc1983

    Maxx hop up chamber and tru-hop bucking

    Thanks buddy
  3. Craigmc1983

    Maxx hop up chamber and tru-hop bucking

    Thanks for the tips guys! I've just got a Prometheus purple and a flat nub delivered. I'll give that a try first. I do really like the sound of the built in tracer. My GF accidentally put my battery in the wash so bought a new 2000Mah one a couple of weeks ago, do you reckon that'll be good enough?
  4. Craigmc1983


    I've not played here myself but I don't live too far so thought I'd share the good news! Allsorts Airsoft based in Littlehampton have taken over the running of the site, here is their announcement from their FB page: Well folks it’s a new year and new beginning’s! I am pleased to announce that Allsorts Airsoft have gone in to partnership with Southdown Airsoft and we will be re-opening the site and operating it as Southdown Airsoft. Our first game day will be Sunday 24th February and we will be running one game day a month with a couple of weekenders thrown in for good measure! As we confirm the other dates, these will follow. Those of you who already know my page and know me will know this, but for those of you that don’t here goes 😊 I would like to take the opportunity to introduce ourselves to you. As a family we have been involved in Airsoft for about the last 5-6 years. My son-in-law Ollie introduced my daughter Jade to Airsoft, who then encouraged her dad Ray (not that it took much encouragement lol!) and finally included me Liz (I took a bit more encouragement) as I had only previously tried paintball and I really didn’t like it much. We regularly played at Worthing until the sad passing of uncle Tom, who opened the site back in the 90’s I believe. At which time we then took over the running of the site shop. Allsorts Airsoft is a family run Airsoft shop that has been running the site shop at Worthing Airsoft for the last 3 years. In that time, we opened the Allsorts Airsoft shop in Littlehampton in August 2017 and haven’t looked back since. We feel that it is now time for the next stage in our progression, which is running our own site and that’s where Southdown Airsoft comes in to the mix. Archie the owner has kindly agreed to work with us and hopefully Southdown Airsoft will be reborn. I hope and expect that the team and the site will gain great popularity in the next year and that we adapt and grow as friends and a solid, dependable team.
  5. Hey guys, Was just wondering if this would be a good combo? I'm looking to do my first upgrade and the the hop up seems to be the most relatively straightforward one to do. The Maxx hop up really caught my eye, it seems well made and you can add a tracer unit to it if needed. Sounds pretty cool to me! Haha But I haven't read much on the tru-hop? The manufacturer talks a good talk but has anyone had experience with it? Am I right in thinking I wouldn't need a nub as well? I've got a nuprol defender, I know most of you aint a fan but I'm more than happy with it so far. The barrel and gears are great, it has a micro switch trigger so I'm not gonna play about with any of that just yet.
  6. Craigmc1983

    Shops in Brno / Czech Republic

    I haven't used it yet but I've been looking on AirsoftPro.cz. it's Czech but not sure which city
  7. Craigmc1983

    Head Camera

    Gepard mentioned at least three other brands, runcam in particular make a camera specifically aimed at Airsoft
  8. Craigmc1983

    Brought my first Airsoft gun! Opinions?

    I wonder how Jason ever got on with it? I bought the same gun on the advice of my local shop and my local game site (they use them for hire guns) I can't fault it, I'm relatively new but I've had no problems. It occasionally seizes but you switch to auto pull the trigger and it's fine again. There's good range, FPS around 310/320. I can't see me sticking with it forever, but if you buy it two tone you save the hire charges for your first few games until you get UKARA. So if you take that saving into account it's like getting it half price and would be a great back up gun for when you move on.
  9. Craigmc1983

    The "Share A Bargain" Thread

    Hobby king have a sale on Bags of bb king bbs for around £2/3 Would need to order quite a few for free delivery from Hong Kong though, maybe get a couple of friends together? Also battery's around the £4/5 mark
  10. I had a quick skim through whilst trying to take in some training on how to give medicines management training so I may have missed a thing or two but...... ......is it really an idea to supply training to the military? Surely Airsoft would never work for that? The guns don't have the range for realistic engagement at distance, the BBS don't fly fast enough and don't the MOD already have a laser based training system that would work at range and register hit more accurately?
  11. Craigmc1983


    Thanks for this mate, I need a good pair myself
  12. Craigmc1983

    The "Share A Bargain" Thread

    Gunfire have an "up to 70%" sale Lots of little bits if you're working on a project
  13. Craigmc1983

    Gun picture thread

    You anywhere near Brighton mate? I've got one of those I'm not using if you want it?
  14. Craigmc1983


    Fair enough mate I get what you're saying and you're right. You just seem very knowledgeable and friendly mate! Haha Haha got my first bit the other day....I need more!
  15. Craigmc1983


    I'm quite new to this site but whenever iceni posts it's always good info! I was gonna go with the flecktarn look anyway but it'll be a lot cheaper now!