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  1. Mrchrissyb1984

    Cz p09 co2

    Make: asg Gun/Model: cz p09 Accessories: mag, case, leg holster Condition: used twice, light marks FPS: stock, around 350 Swap for: SMG?.. something compact. Pictures: below I've used this at two or three games and it's a great pistol but I want an aeg mp5k or would love a baby M4.. something to run with my primary as Im too lazy to change co2 caps or fill green gas.. this is compatible with both being the metal slide version it cost £130 and around £15 for the holster and hasn't really seen much use.. maybe 4/5 mags it would be a shame to have it sat in a box forever! Im pretty open I guess try me
  2. Mrchrissyb1984

    Fast helmet.. custom

    Just a military snood for now, until I ever decide to get a headset. I've not been doing this long, just wanted something a little different.
  3. Mrchrissyb1984

    Fast helmet.. custom

    Thought I'd show off my new custom fast helmet ! Very proud of this! Ha my brother added detail to the paint job and I think it's cracking. It's my full.metal jacket/bobba fet/judge dredd helmet.
  4. Mrchrissyb1984

    Mp5 talk...

    Thank you, I love them! Haha
  5. Mrchrissyb1984

    Mp5 talk...

    Looking at buying an mp5 specifically the icsmx series, I like the swordfish style top rails and have 2 questions.. 1 does it even fit?.. 2 where are these available... Thanks Chris