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    AF-UK Newbie
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    ARES MK16 SCAR-L and Glock 17 KJW/Guarder
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    Full MultiCam stuff with Crye, Emerson, TMC.... Only genuine fabric
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  1. Kim Softair

    French newbie

    Thank you for your welcome !
  2. Kim Softair

    French newbie

    Thanks dude ! DBoys HK416 , Coyote Kriss Vector, TRI Peltor Comtac III, Guarder/Guns Modify Glock parts, Optronics EOTech, ACM Trijicon ACOG and Surefire X300, Iron Airsoft M320 I've got these items with markings 😂 Before licence war with ASG/Umarex/Cybergun, markings were better... for exemple, Storm Airsoft Arsenal by VFC/Stark Arms Glock series : Without licence : complete markings, ~$80 With licence : no realistic markings on frame, " Official licenced trademarks of Glock blah blah blah " ugly af and now $130 completely useless.... please don't call the police 😂
  3. Kim Softair

    French newbie

    Hello all ! My operator name is Kim, 20yo, french airsoft addict since a few years. I'm a fervent MutiCam and trademarked items ( particulary unautorized chinese made items 🤐 ) lover. My english is not perfect but i'm here for become better, so keep cool guys 😊 I hope share my knowledge and buy some cool stuff ! See you soon ! 😃