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  1. May have to drill in to buffer tube and have wires external for a few cm , then return them in . Or failing that could drill a hole through the retaining washer I suppose ?
  2. Yeah it's alreAdy rear wired on a mini type Tamiya connector, So hopefully the buffer tube won't need adjusting
  3. hi everyone , not been on here for a little while , just got a new g&P m16a3 looking to convert it in to my dream rifle , similar to my vltor m16 i sold some time ago if you ever seen that on the gun pic thread , im looking to make it , metal bodied usmc body from m16 , looking to change out the solid stock to a adjustable vltor /crane style , but want to run lipo in the stock tube , also looking to get a railed front end with a free floating barrel if anyone knows of any for sale , wanting to keep m16 length though . so my first question is , do i just buy the standard m4 buffer tube to replace the full stock , and what alteration will i need to do to fit lipo in stock tube , just getting my gear and loadout ready to start playing again , any help will be much appreciated
  4. Yeah seems to much effort , just guns leave that to the pros
  5. Doesn't bother me too much , like anything slightly extreme sports wise , know the risks when you do it
  6. God knows mate. Just covers you if any one tries to sue I suppose ,
  7. Alright people , thinking about organising a little private skirmish , would I realisticly need any kind of insurances , obvs it will be a few good friends , but was just gonna invite a few others , just didn't wanna do it and get in any trouble .
  8. onion

    We 1911

    Hello everyone , just wondered if anyone knew if the we desert warrior , is tm comparable , as I would like to put a guarded upgrade in my we , but not to sure if it's going to fit , cheers
  9. Josh you still playing?
  10. Haha , have a few blue barrels full
  11. Haha fair enough . I'm surprised the embassy has been running so long . Knowing what these new housing companies are like
  12. I did think as much happy of just using the pistol , but there not the most reliable things in the world Why have they closed the basement ?
  13. You need a adaptor for the gas can for meu mags , I find that it's much Easyer to use the regular 1911 mags, adapter fits right down , but isn't a brilliant seal
  14. Cheers folks just placed me order
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