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    VFC M27 HK416 GBB
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    Used to play at "the Fort" in Kirkcaldy but simply couldn't take anymore of their shoddy workmanship and never ending passing the buck and passive aggressive snidy wee remarks.
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    HK416 M27 Umarex licenced H and K copy

    Time Left: 4 days and 1 hour

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    Used maybe 6 times at most, comes with hard H and K case and original manual with cleaning rod. Looks, operates, strips and fires just like the real thing, one of the best about without a doubt. Perfect condition, Rapid Transition Sights fitted, FTA site with bb screen protector, additional adjustable picitinny hand rail. Comes with two of the new faultless magazines, no leaks or any other issues.. Very very sad to see this go but another fast car project forces sale.

    425.00 GBP

  2. Absolutely brilliant, I really hope this takes off big time and continues to grow up and down the country. Best if luck with it, I’m interested for sure.
  3. I have substantial grounds for pursuing compensation but I am not going to. i simply cannot our myaelf or my girl through anymore stress like this. The past few years have been tremendously stressful as it is. Additionally, I have lost all confidence and faith in the Police now. I don’t believe for one second that if I was to pursue any case against them that they would do something else to me. Whos to blame for this? I honestly think my so called “family” are behind all this. They have the money and legal connections to enable this kind of stuff. They refuse to speak to me or have anything to do with me since I spoke up about years of abuse by my now brother in law. My “mother” is the most selfish, twisted and abhorrent individual o have ever known. It would not surprise me at all if she was behind this.
  4. No apology at all, from anyone. My lawyer and others in the legal profession all agreed that it was very strange and that it looked like it was coming from the top that this case was to go ahead and not be dropped regardless.
  5. I only hope that when this happens to someone else, they have the money and resources to go ahead with a civil case as a stand against this sort of personal targeted attack and harassment so as to stop it from becoming yet another pointless persecution of anyone and anything that has anything to do with or even loosely resembles a big bad evil gun......
  6. In in all honesty, hand on heart, there is truly no “back story”. If there was some sort of driving force, relevant previous convictions or anything else that would have alarmed the cops to take such action then come on, it would have been brought out at the trial, remember that this was all on public record? And the local paper “Falkirk Herald” ran the story for three days, do we really not think they would have been doing their level best to dig up some dirt on myself? They didn’t even hint at anything at all that would suggest I was of particular interest or elevated threat. And honestly guys, if I knew or even thought of any reason as to why they seemed such action necessary I would say. I’d end up looking pretty stupid to not do so. Ok, so I haven’t been an angel, who has? But I absolutely do not have any sort of extensive precon at all to warrant all this. I don’t even have my fingers crossed behind my back as I type this, lol.
  7. I would really ally like to think so. Its all too easy to just keep your head down for fear of sticking it above the parapet and getting it shot off. No pun intended. But as a lifelong shotgun and firearms shooter, I have watched with despair at how the laws have been tightened, interpreted willy nilly and changed ever so slowly to restrict and further restrict the shooting communities hobbies, sports and past times.
  8. Tbh I would like to think so, but the very real problem is that bringing a civil case to bear has to come out of my own pocket. And I just don’t have a few thousand I can lay my hands on anymore, I used to, but not now. And if I was to lose I would be libel for the cops legal and court costs, the stress of that does not sit well with me. It absolutely is not about just getting money. It’s about making certain individuals accountable for their actions and hopefully being left alone for the future. Ive considered selling my airsoft stuff, watch and car to fund it but if I had to sell them and I lost I don’t think I’d handle it very well.
  9. The initial charge was breach of the peace as I had allegedly caused “fear and distress to a member of the public”. When it became abundantly clear at trial that the police had lied and there was no member of the public complainant, they then desperately tried to change it to “of menacing character”. When the prosecuting PF and the poor cops that were called to the stand were then shown the comments below the two pics it was nothing short of a complete cringe fest. The Young PF who had absolutely refused to drop this, (through no actual fault or decision of his own) was visibly very panicked, shaken and distressed as to what he had been “dragged into” so to speak. When we broke for lunch my lawyer had close words with the poor PF suggesting that he had better get the top guys down to explain all of this. As it was plain for anyone without an agenda or some sort of chip on their shoulder (like a particular naive member on here) that there were several more laws being/had been openly and willingly broken to ensure this was taken through the court system and personally I believe to cause as much stress, anxiety, upset as possible to myself and my girlfriend. Now, I’ve always been well aware that money and influence means power. And I have my own personal ideas who and what is behind this..... And no, I’m not directly blaming the Police.
  10. This is truly the most deeply concerning issue at the heart of the entire matter. Several other PF’s, uniform, lawyers and other judges stayed quite clearly, off the record unfortunately but understandably that the entire thing was a complete and utter farce and should never have happened let alone been brought to court. But the top Brass made sure that nobody was to even consider dropping it, it was to go all the way regardless of anything, even common sense, ahem.
  11. Im more than a little concerned about my account seemingly being now live again. Seeing as I completely deactivated my account the day after the cops detained, interviewed, searched my house, confiscated 30 odd items and then charged me with a “Breach of the peace” And it’s now been brought to my attention that my fb account is now fully “live” again!
  12. VFC M27 HK416 GBB Rifle? So I’m still relatively new to the airsoft scene. Not new to guns but new to the airsoft stuff. I see a lot of people getting upgrades and tuning their electric guns but not so much gas. Is this the case or have I got it arse about tit? If not, what sort of upgrades, tuning and general improvements can be done to my rifle? Im not saying I want this done right now and I certainly do not have the cash to do so atm, I’m just interested in what mods people do and why? Can you really make airsoft guns more accurate? Whats the deal with tighter barrels and upgraded hop ups? I see milspec offer a replacement aluminium bolt as opposed to the standard plastic one that comes as standard with my gun. What’s the benefit(s) if any? Modifying and tuning cars I know plenty about, this airsoft stuff....not so much. Lol. Sorry for being such a noob, just wanting to learn some more.
  13. Come on guys, let’s not allow this to descend into petty bickering.
  14. There had to be one didn’t there? It would appear you seem to know me or have been told the usual nonsense to suit someone’s agenda. The bottom line is that no arguments where had concerning or involving either of these pics. The comments below the pics clearly demonstrated that these were airsoft items. A simple look through my page would have demonstrated beyond any reasonable doubt that this was airsoft, to say the very least. Nobody was involved in any heated exchanges or arguments in or around these two pics, in fact, quite the very opposite. There was no member of the public that had reported these images to the police despite this being what the police initially claimed. It was a member of the police themselves (seemingly high up) that took it entirely upon his self to task others to do what they did. And it was proven in court that these other officers had not been informed or shown the comments below the pics. And they admitted themselves that had they seen or been made aware of the comments below each of the two pics they would have looked at things entirely differently, as in, would have realised the two pics were no different to the thousands of others posted daily on all sorts of social media. As for the cops getting all their eggs in one basket before going to court.....there was an awful lot more that came out about how this entire thing came about and was handled than just a break in the chain of evidence my friend. Additionally, it’s very poignant that several PF’s, uniform cops and other lawyers stated quite clearly that this should not go ahead and it was a complete waste of time and public money. Now, you’re asking if I have any precon? Perhaps I do, and maybe, just perhaps countless others that play airsoft and post similar pics all over various forms of social media daily do as well....what a shocker!!! Do I have any previous offences with firearms? Nope, not a thing. In fact I was a long term section 1 and section 2 licence holder until I voluntarily handed them in for personal reasons. Try and bend it however you like but if those sort of resources, time, training and money can be spent dedicating an entire operation of that scale on me because of two airsoft related pics... Then bloody hell the cops should be arresting people 24/7 for similar pics or even looking down the lense in a “threatening manner”. Not to mention all the threats and intimidating claims the average Jeremy Kyle guest posts up daily as they publicise their chavvy drama filled lives all over the net.
  15. It wasn’t from a group, it was my own personal account. That incidentally had all the privacy settings as right as possible, but the cops admitted that they had asked for an “open source” request on my account.