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  1. I thought it was stocks were milspec but pistol grips are commercial? Or am I talking out of my arse?
  2. I also found .28s to be heaviest I could use. in reference to the 416 discussion; now that GHK have released their MK18 do we reckon that will push TM to make another Zet based AR?
  3. I am a firm believer they are the best all round GBBR for sale at the moment so it’s no wonder they’re doing well.
  4. Believe me I thought about it, also if you can’t take a bit of light ribbing then please put a snowflake next to your name, you seem to love all the other emojis. Don’t get me wrong your posts are positive just sometimes a tad odd... You’re right I don’t know you or your profession however I’m making my judgement of you as a person from the way you’ve presented yourself through your posts, exactly the same as I expect you to have done about me and every other member of this forum. Eitherway the OP has finally decided to ditch his ex team and continue doing what he enjoyed and getting back into it, good on you mate. Hopefully you find a few people who you regularly play with to message on a Friday and ask if they’re plastic slinging that weekend.
  5. The way he posts I can only assume he writes the clickbait headlines for those online blogs which end up being phishing scams, and he can’t differentiate his posts.
  6. You guys always seem to know more than most retailers on this situation, anyone heard when the next batch of mags is due? I hope I get my 3 before the 26th but it’s not seeming likely.
  7. 😂 it definitely does, however the cars aren’t too bad as I’m a mechanic so tools and space I already have.
  8. Track driving and drifting are one of my other hobbies that car was a 328i which had a lot of money spent on it. I’m in the process of building an E46 for track days, will be popping in a 3.0 from a 330ci and trying to do some laps at brands and a few ring trips. The other thing to keep me busy is my horses, I used to compete a lot with them and did county level show jumping however not much in the way of competition anymore.
  9. I wouldn't want to run a chest rig with my sniper unless I know I won't be spending any time on my belly. I've done it before its very uncomfortable. Plus you need pouches for the rifle you're using's mags not M4 mags, I use a belt with two Warrior .338 mag pouches on my left, my pistol on my right and a radio on my back.
  10. Same used mine for another 48hr milsim, was an awesome piece of kit and even when getting into big firefights didn’t feel out gunned. I got a few well placed shots through building windows I wasn’t expecting to actually hit. Picture of my 8 man squad which turned into a 6 man squad on the second day. (I’m furthest on the right by the trailer)
  11. @MrWilson where’s these opening dates... this weather is making want to play indoors
  12. I haven’t had any issues whatsoever running it in any of my guns, VFC M40A5, TM MWS or plastic slide CZP09 and the chrono readings have been similar when going from green to brut or the other way round
  13. The old adage was that black gas was CO2 pressure so even higher pressure however I’ve not got a can to test. Upon using up my abbey brut stockpile the difference in pressure/power between nuprol 2.0 and brut is negligible. I would like to spend some more time looking into it however I am now using either straight propane or 2.0 green gas so it’s on the back burner for a while.
  14. Spoke to someone yesterday who actually went to the school on Sheppey, he'll be pleased to hear that'll be running midweek evening games. Genuinely cannot wait to go and play some CQB again... I've been watching the updates very closely. 👍
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