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  1. as some of the others have said £30 for 4 hours of gameplay I would maybe turn up once to have a nosey and then on special occasions such as meet ups etc but no more than that when I can choose 5 sites within 45 min drive that are the same price for a full day. Understandably you need to make money and that means it’s not the cheapest site to play at. Regarding night games then I think £20/5 depending on numbers for at least 4 hours of gameplay is pretty fair.
  2. Genuine or replica Vector? Would be an awesome piece of kit for milsims? also I ran a warm load out at the weekend and just stuck a hoodie on over everything. 😂
  3. Might see if I can make the 11th, what time is it due to start? Will be leaving Maidstone about 5?
  4. I did my apprenticeship with Land Rover but none of the specialists want to pay the right money otherwise I would have walked months ago 🙃
  5. Or are you? You seem to have got into these sites far too quick 😉
  6. Very nice, need any techs? 😂 I’ve had enough of main dealers.
  7. how are you getting on with the clone stock and grip? I want to change mine but didn’t know whether repros would fit nicely. What ones did you get?
  8. Apocalypse are doing a christmas game on the 22nd with fancy dress and a raffle. A fair few people are coming out of hibernation for this one, and my group maybe turning blue and white for the fancy dress... Then they will do their last game of the year on the 29th however I don't think it'll be anything special.
  9. Apocalypse have released their milsim, battlesim and night game dates.
  10. to be honest I found it easiest shooting both eyes open even when using a magnified rifle scope. Only time I close my "off" eye is when the sun gets in the way. love both of my vortex sights though, wouldn't use anything lower quality nowadays.
  11. Very nice sir. very similar to what I had in mind for mine.
  12. wouldn’t happen to be near a small local airport by any chance would it? Only place I can think is 4 miles from maidstone and a mile from the M2.
  13. you wouldn’t want to know the number of major engine components and driveline stuff I replace on cars that haven’t even reached a couple of years old. I can’t count the number of intake manifolds which also happen to be the cam cover on 3.0 diesels I’ve had to replace I’ve just finished one as I type this 😂.
  14. I'm the polariser with some of these others I fully agree with: Dead rags, useful if everyone is is aware of them and uses their eyes; when on a milsim etc. and training plates in a plate carrier do make it hold shape and sit on your body better. I don't use a "ghillie" I use a hood which covers my head, shoulders and back and I can tell you now you still feel a hit through it however I agree there are some leaf suit wankers who think even though you've shot them it wasn't for them so don't take it. high caps, I use 35rnd mags due to the MWS life and haven't used full auto in a game in years and I agree it's annoying when your shot gets blown or knocked off target however it would definitely make people play a complete different way; i.e. not full auto and walk the bbs onto the target. I can't stand it when it's been agreed everyone uses mids or lows and them some wanker appears with high caps. how much ammo are people using throughout the day? Woodland I maybe do 600rnds a day and CQB 1000 if I'm really trigger happy which is like 4 mag refills, one after each game, I am carrying less than 2 midcaps of ammo at any one time any more is unnecessary. Box or drum mags that aren't on a support gun (ARP users I'm looking at you). Rubber knives, just another thing to lose which can be swapped out with a simple hand on the shoulder then you don't have the problem of people being stabbed by coldsteel training knives which are rock solid. Any form of camo in an urban environment, your DPM isn't fooling anyone. Any hop up chamber which requires a tool to adjust. chemlights/glowsticks cheap BBs which shatter upon touching any surface PEOPLE WHO WE DON'T NEED IN AIRSOFT Those who say "I won't spend more than £20 on any airsoft kit because it's only airsoft" when you ask me what my kit is and how much it costs then proceed to poke fun at why I spent over a grand on what I'm wearing and using, then proceed to moan about your kit falling apart during a game. JUST BECAUSE SOMEONE HAS MORE DISPOSABLE INCOME THAN YOU DOESN'T MAKE THEM A BAD PERSON. The people who have no time keeping ability, if a briefing is due to start at 10 and you wander into the safezone at 9:45 you're stopping everyone else's day. The people who feel it necessary to shout orders at random people across a site, +10 if they did cadets in 2001 and therefore they've "got military experience and training". /rant We sell a lot of new Land Rovers it's not just airsoft.
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