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  1. Possibly however I’m not clued up on springers, I just go by what a friend tells me. Unfortunately it’s not just the youtubers it’s popular culture in general, don’t get me wrong it’s a hugely difficult job in real life and those guys deserve all the praise in the world however the closest film I’ve seen to it’s true form is Jarhead. None of them show the mathematics or the skill necessary to make a long range shot so people have the idea in their head they can just put a pair of crosshairs on a guy and always hit. On the hit taking side of it, a sniper should know they can be shot out of nowhere and they should honour that hit however some do and some don’t it’s the same with everyone they’re are honest players and there are dishonest players just got to enjoy the game and make those shots, especially if they’re a good long range single shot which goes unnoticed and puts a whole squad on its back foot. 😁
  2. Would expect it’s probably the Cyma 702 as they’re VSR compatible Understandable and I’ve seen it a few times that’s why I don’t wear a leaf suit or similar I just have a ghillie cover for a boonie which covers my head to shoulders as it breaks up the outline. Personally wouldn’t go as far to say it’s all snipers but a select few who have an issue with “they’re a sneaky sniper who can’t be seen it must have been a mistake when they shot me because I’m so well camouflaged”
  3. Hit a 270ft shot in 40mph crosswinds on sunday, looked like it still had some punch behind it as the lad let out a squeal at that range.
  4. Had to be posted at some point. Rough specs: ASG/VFC M40A5 Gas Sniper rifle Hybrid weii tech/vfc hop up chamber ML bucking ML CJ 590mm inner barrel Vortex Crossfire II scope Unknown foam filled and modified suppressor.
  5. I assume metal slide? if so you'll need red as the slide is heavy however if it's polymer use green otherwise you'll be having that slide for lunch.
  6. I wouldn't agree with your statement regard Nov's products however that's not for this thread, I do agree it's not all down to the youtube pandemic. Was playing on sunday and more than once pinged a guy with a blue L96 who's rounds weren't reaching 180ft 😂 also been at games before, lad asked me to help him zero a scope and turns out his L96 wasn't shooting even 300fps on .2s 🙄 that's what you get for buying from a company with BB guns in their name. Another good one is when they ask why their scope is blurry and they've got it on 9x magnification trying to shoot someone 30m away. 😂
  7. Exactly my point regarding people being miffed they couldn't use their gun because there's already 3 people with scoped weapons, which is why it wouldn't ever work outside a milsim environment. The "big name airsoft youtube snipers" are very good at making a shot look a lot further than it is, shots made to look 300ft are infact half that etc. If the limit was lowered it would become a lot more about skills and drills rather than gear, that I agree would put a large number of people off the role very quickly. However I seem to see people try it a couple of games and get bored very quickly which means you have two ends of the spectrum, the few who persevered and stuck with a bolty and those that put them away or sold them on.
  8. Commonly I'm seeing a large number of single fire weapons relative to AEG users, I predominantly go to sites which are ideal for long range "sniper" engagements as I enjoy that however especially over the last few months it seems the number of us sneakys has gone up. I have no issue with this as counter sniping is always fun and challenging however I know it doesn't always help with furthering the team towards an objective as there are less people to get up close and personal. If you could have a "sniper limit" where it's say 1 sniper to 15 AEGs or similar would you prefer that? I know its almost impossible to implement outside of a milsim environment, however if it could be.
  9. Every site in the area I’ve been to he’s not welcome. I don’t blame them after hearing The BL story, however that’s one for the PMs if anyone’s interested.
  10. He’s banned from there too, hot gun and not calling hits. The same story for most of the sites in the area regarding the bloke, same as Battle ponds... not spreading hate just making everyone aware.
  11. As the guys above have said wait till you’ve done your 3 games, also as a new guy I wouldn’t recommend a GBBR, yeah they’re cool and all but they require extra maintenance and gas is more expensive than you think. Also you’ll prefer laying down hundreds of bbs as a new guy rather than tens as most GBBR mags are low/real cap and very expensive, I’ve been Airsofting a while and I’m just considering getting a TM M4 GBBR because I’ve now dipped my toes in the gas market with my sniper rifle and realise I can’t just turn up and shoot as long as my battery is charged like my G&G AEG.
  12. Definitely waiting for this too
  13. Good man, chances are I'll be the only one in tropic multicam either fielding an M40A5 or an M4. I'll be parked up right by the entrance to the game area (you'll understand when you get there).
  14. Will probably see you there. It's a really fun site depending on the games played. Really most of the time the marshalls use the main two "bases" (The US FOB and the Vietnam Village) and have varying attack and defend or capture the VIP games. Have occasionally used a few of the other areas but that's rare. If one of your group has a 4X4 you;re in luck otherwise you'll have to slog your kit from the car park up a muddy hill to the SZ. The site sees a decent player base (60+ on a bad day) with a higher sniper:AR ratio than other local sites definitely would recommend comms if you have them available and ask where the nearest regen is as there are a few which are always in play unless otherwise stated in game brief.ted.
  15. I do not believe you 😂 even in the summer you’d still want to be wrapped up, even the sun doesn’t want to go to Grimsby 😉
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