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  1. DopeYourScope

    Abbey Sniper Gas vs. Nuprol 3.0 Red Gas

    Currently running Nuprol Red in my rifle and pistol however as Nuprol do not make mini cans of 3.0, I have found Abbey Sniper Gas which they do make in smaller cans which can be taken out and about. Just wanted to know if anyone's tried both and has an idea of power differences?
  2. DopeYourScope

    Best Airsoft photoshop ever !

    If the title said vest once more I would consider purchasing such a piece of obviously tactically superior equipment.
  3. DopeYourScope

    Players Wanted!!! Sunday 2nd December!!!

    Thanks dude, I'll get on those.
  4. DopeYourScope

    Players Wanted!!! Sunday 2nd December!!!

    booked in, anyone recommend some heavy Bio BBs? (0.4 ideal)