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  1. If you’re not happy with the flamingos I would be surprised but if you’re not happy either send Dan a message and see if he’ll refund them otherwise I know someone who would buy them off you
  2. Spoke with SniperMechanic (Dan) the other week and he’s actually looking to get hold of another MWS for a DMR build he suggested to use the omega nub as that’s what he’s tested with. Moreover in relation to the flamingo the bucking itself is incredibly consistent vertically and horizontally. A friend of mine has been testing one of the pre releases and I’ve shot his VSR with it and it shoots incredibly well.
  3. This is known as Joule creep, it’s something which happens with spring sniper rifles, gas guns and HPA and doesn’t happen very often with AEGs because the amount of air being used to push the BB in an AEG is usually too little for the length of it’s inner barrel. Whereas a well tuned spring sniper rifle will have the perfect cylinder size to barrel length ratio which when you start using heavier BBs the joules will creep up. Obviously with gas and HPA they usually fire more compressed gas than necessary therefore causing the same issue mentioned above. example: my gas sniper rifle chrono’s on 0.2 at ~420fps which is 1.65J whereas when I use 0.48s like I do during games it’s on ~320fps which is on the limit of 2.3J.
  4. First milsim with my CQBR, carried out a 1am raid and it was hilarious listening to the other team shouting because they heard me shooting and scooting. Double tapping people whilst you hear full auto queens rinsing a mid cap and you do a 4 hour mission using a mag and a half 👍🏻
  5. Knock knock Who’s there Ze Gestapo Gestapo who? VE VILL BE ASKING ZE QUESTIONS
  6. I used to drive my 328 everywhere even though it was 3” off the floor 😅 did limit the sites I could attend.
  7. I had seen it as a recommended page on FB and decided to have a look, with it being so close to home I felt it rude not to at least go over there. Yeah they described the Land Of Mines site and to be honest it seems like something I wouldn't be interested in, they only have access during the summer and it seems too small for me to be able to get the M40 out however they did say they ran night games there which could make it a little more interesting.
  8. Understandable and the hobby is quite expensive, my advice is when you can afford it purchase the CYMA then get the upgrades when you can afford them but don’t expect in the meantime the stock rifle to shoot anywhere near as well as anyone else’s who have spent the time and money building theirs. i spent £300 for my gas M40 which was known as one of the best gas sniper rifles out of the box, I’ve spent the same amount getting it to the performance it is now, Airsoft sniper rifles are very expensive and I would say it is the most expensive way to Airsoft.
  9. Would depend what upgrade parts are available, if there are very few your best bet is spend £250 buying a cyma 701 and £140 putting in some upgrades.
  10. I would avoid anything overly cheap, the reason you see a lot of sniper rifles for sale used is because it can be a very boring an unrewarding play style, a cheap non upgraded gun will be less accurate and more difficult to play with than a standard starter AEG.
  11. Most sites in the area won’t allow you to use a sniper rifle unless you’re carrying a sidearm (for those within MED engagements) just bear that in mind. If you want something based off of the R700/Remington/M24 design get a VSR10 if you buy one new you will have to upgrade it to make it a viable gun in the sniper realms, if you buy used/secondhand you have the gamble of it not working properly/not being as described. Another option is a clone of a VSR such as the Cyma 701 (skirmshop uk stock them) which is £70 cheaper than the VSR. Or if you wanted to spend a lot more money get yourself on the waiting list for an SSG however yes out of the box the SSG will perform better than a VSR but for the same price as the SSG without modifications you can build a VSR which will walk absolutely all over it. If you did want want to try a different platform than the M24/R700 there is the Silverback SRS which most seem to believe to be the best out of the box gun you can purchase currently, but that comes at a price tag (like everything) one I would definitely try before you buy due to the bullpup design it can be quite an awkward weapon especially in mag changes. I personally wouldn’t purchase a secondhand gun which has been “upgraded” or modified as you don’t know actually what parts are inside and how worn/broken they are already.
  12. I’ll start off by saying this site is mainly used for laser tag however they do a Tuesday night 7pm-10pm Airsoft game. This was my first taste of indoor CQB, myself and my brother decided to go and have a nosey, I was using my TM CQBR and my brother was using my G&G warthog, there was a mandatory chrono with game weight on both primary’s and pistols with everyone’s results written down as well as their weapon type. Being CQB naturally it was semi only and they had a 6ft engagement rule where under 6ft you had to tap out the enemy player (basically a bang rule) a rule which I understand however don’t agree with. The safe zone is their main reception and what appeared to be their briefing room/party room. The staff were really friendly and as new players to the site were really helpful and clear on how they ran their games, we had to sign disclaimers and they went through a safety brief which was nice and quick (probably the shortest safety brief I’ve heard) but it went over everything necessary. With enough tables for everyone and their gear as well as seating, we even managed to bag a pair of sofas to recline onto. For a 3 hour evening game the walk on was £15 and that dropped to £10 if you were a member of their club. Not a bad price considering their overheads and the number of players. An on site shop stocked Nuprol BBs and gas at very reasonable prices £10 for nuprol 2.0 (green) and I expect they probably had eye pro or face masks incase someone forgets as well as some more niche products such as a DTD MK23 holster I saw being purchased. The building is situated in the Medway City Estate just outside of Strood/Rochester/Chatham and is really easy to access from the M2 there’s ample parking With twelve players in total which for the size of the site was more than enough, the actual game area itself is unlit apart from multicoloured lasers and a light show (laser tag with Bbs is how I would describe it) they at some points even had music playing on the speakers which was cool. With an area of probably 300sqft with lots of cover and some points have little windows to shoot from and others have Perspex which made it hard to discern if you were about to shoot someone or Perspex. In the game area was a central tower which was only accessible from one side (they are working on this however not finished as of June 2019) and three little “tunnels” which could be used to sneak round the back (these proved invaluable when playing certain game modes as these were choke points for flankers). Marshalling was very helpful and a good approach they allowed the players to get on and play without nannying, they also had someone watching their cameras which cover the whole gaming area watching for any infractions. A variety of games were played; standard Team Deathmatch, infection, a capture and hold game with a stack of cones and then capture the HVT. Yes it was what I assume most would call speedsoft but I didn’t see anyone not taking hits or sprinting round with race pistols (shame). The other players; I recognised some of the other players from other sites such as Apocalypse Airsoft, some I found out only really go to that site and everyone was really friendly as far as I’m aware there were no issues in game. There was a small situation of a BB shattering on someone’s mesh eye pro (why I’ll never wear mesh) however the staff handled it perfectly and luckily no damage was done. Throughout the evening was a prize if you were shot in the nuts and as far as I’m aware no one managed to win that (I believe the reward was a patch or badge). They mentioned they also run an outdoor site in the area I hadn’t heard of and they’re ran Saturdays and some Tuesday nights (Bio BBs only). Conclusion; I would return again, only things I would change at the site are the fact you can only reach the tower from one side (they’re working on that) and possibly turn the music up or on during all games. The rest of the things I would change are personal, I broke the pressure switch for my torch when setting up so I lost that advantage and I would have liked to have either night sights or tracers.
  13. eBay seller called gunpointgear just checked they’re only showing you can buy two bags at a time for £46 which is still very cheap
  14. What's your plan with the gun? keep it under 1.3J or DMR build etc? Been told you can get away with a Maple Leaf 250mm crazy jet and keep it under 1.3J without an NPAS
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