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  1. As long as you’re below 2.3J on your .48s should be perfect. not having looked into SRS upgrades personally I use a Sniper Mechanics WASP piston in my VSR with the medium weight and full airbrake it’s very quiet however the joule creep is quite high so the .2 velocity seems low but it’s on the limit with a .43 Dan/sniper mechanic/skirmshop UK I’ve found can be a bit slow with contact but in person one of the nicest guys and always up for a chat and it’s fun playing sniper pairs against him. another new gun Mike, I still haven’t seen the Mk.48 in person 😃
  2. Very nice, the best bullpup BASR for sure. When you end up spending more on upgrades look at Sniper Mechanic (he’s a member on here but can’t remember his @) and EDGI, Mr. @MikeMarden had a very nice EDGI rifle which shot rather well and I know he’s just bought another SRS.
  3. Exactly what I was thinking; a bit of mud, paint and some real vegetation will bring that into a usable colour 🤘
  4. Ordered a pair of these suits for me and a friend from Ataka EU in Germany hopefully with a few personal touches could make a really nice ghillie.
  5. I do a few Milsims a year, find out the nearest milsim event to yourself. you will end up camping without any support or facilities (that includes toilets) so you need to be prepared and happy with that thought. some milsim organisers are more about the combat others are keen on the role play/non combat stuff. Just ask about on facebook and you’ll find out which each are about. once you’ve found an event choose a faction/team that will dictate your gear to an extent. (Nato will require MTP or multicam and a russian team will be olive or digital-flora then a insurgent would be more block colours and Civvie clothes) dependant on the organiser some are pretty strict on using non modern western weapon attachments on an insurgent team whereas others aren’t so heavy on that. At the end of the day all it takes is a few questions to the organiser and you’ll be ok. I do woodland milsims and I sleep in a hammock with a basha over me it’s a nice lightweight system that gets you off the ground. Where as other lads sleep in bivvy bags. Only take the necessities into the field, you can leave things like a spare gun and a few tools in your car, the organiser will understand. The only extra I take on a milsim as compared to any other skirmish is just my sleeping kit.
  6. Wasn’t aware they were HFR, very interesting wonder why they made that choice
  7. Yeah without spending GoPro amounts of money for good in-built camera stabilisation your best bet is stabilising in post. if you record at 2.7k (I assume that’s the higher resolution you mentioned) you’ll end up using more memory, if you’re willing to keep swapping cards then that’s your best bet. if not just record at 1080, the crop factor isn’t massive but it can be noticeable. the higher the frame rate the less motion-blur you have which is one of the reasons all movies are shot at 24fps because it gives that motion blur.
  8. Hey mate. If you’re looking to edit videos using Adobe Premier Pro then you’ll be using some serious computing power. The issue with stabilisation in post is you have crop your image and then warp your footage to seem “stable”. It ends up looking like your recording is on a liquid. in regard to preferring stabilisation at the camera or in post. I always aim to stabilise the camera as best as possible then any thing that’s still too bouncy or jittery then I use Adobe warp stabiliser. your plastic mount is more than good enough it means your camera has a breakaway should you fall.
  9. the location has been rumoured for a while and a lot of people now know where it is but I won’t disclose as to not steal @MrWilson‘s thunder
  10. Finally got a photo in game using my VSR.
  11. Apocalypse have about that size trench system, it is fun when it's not deep water. Especially as they've let the ferns grow around and within it.
  12. the issue with that is you would need to change the use of the land, if you were trying to use arable fields then the “official” land use must be changed from agricultural to recreational, it’s the same situation when you say put horses for pleasure into a field which was previously used for a herd of cows or sheep. You would be surprised the amount of places which are currently disused that with a bit of work would make great sites but you’re effectively giving the land owner income until they’ve either sold the land or completed planning permission and contracts for development. as previously mentioned airsoft doesn’t really make mega money so it’s too expensive to outright pay a lease on a big ex-distribution warehouse on an industrial estate. There are a few sites which have made it work but they’re usually charging top end of the market which seems to put people off.
  13. unless iron airsoft has made changes then I was told to steer clear as they had a fair few issues, shame really as they could have made a killing if they were more reliable than TM for stock
  14. Luke is very much against “kill house style” set ups made of ply in warehouses. Which is a shame as if they made the investment you could purpose build something similar to the Erebor black ops setup, which went down incredibly well, however you need the space which there are a fair few in the south and then you need to invest in fitting it out properly.
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