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    I've not played in well over a year, and need to raise cash. I have to offer: Star L85A2 (280 fps) ICS MP5SD6 Navy (single shot only atm, slipped selector, easy fix i believe) (300fps) Dboys KAC PDW (needs repair, motor turns, but no rounds fire) (290fps) ASP Shotgun - single barrel, plastic springer (fps unknown, around 200 expected) Galaxy MP5K (200 fps) All have at least 1 battery, attachments will be included for the right price, cases available, contact me for further information on any part.


    Llandudno, Gwynedd - GB

  2. Classic 'Quick Change' spring - Slow as Sh1t change gearbox though. I don't know many RIF's at all that are genuinely quick change. My L85A2 probably the quickest due to the split gearbox, and even that is about 16 screws and two pins! haha Glad it's been fun though, sounds awesome!
  3. I too vouch for Bullseye Country sport - quick delivery too.
  4. That's a bit gucci for a first rif! How's it going?
  5. Well, i've had it a while now, played a night game with it - satisfying but inaccurate is my short review. First off, the weight, god damn it's heavy by half way in, my shoulder was ready to give out and i'm not weak at 6'4 and 20 stone. The gun itself, mine at least, has the RIS front, and the gas block was missing some side screws meaning it wobbled - fixed by 2 tiny screws but a huge problem without. I also added some rubber washers to the barrel stabilising screws in the body. Range from standard was impressive, but accuracy was off badly and unpredictably. Fire rate is low on auto, using a 7.4v Lipo gets about 3-4 rps. Otherwise the thing is a well built, heavy duty, head turning monster bit of kit. Tight bore and new hop with new bucking ordered to help improve some accuracy from the chinese 6.10mm standard barrel and plastic hop hopefully. Will report back in with findings after the upgrade and let you know in case anyone is interested. Did experience 1 jam in single shot mode - apparently a common issue - switched to full, cleared it, and switched back and never had it again that night. All in all, for £140, some paint, a £50 4xAcog style scope, and about £41 to upgrade it, i think i'll have a long term gun in my arsenal. Pretty happy.
  6. I wasn't going to say anything, but i can't stop myself, WTF is that bipod doing... f.. me...
  7. I have an SVD for sale, i can badly package it or throw it down the stairs, should arrive to you looking similar to this thing if you want? No extra charge
  8. And how daft is that, that a single number can or could be used to buy as many as you like, with no questions asked, and then distributed by that person to whoever they feel fit to carry one. Why don't they just admit what it boils down to, chav/pikey/tw4ts buying RIFs that fire broken yellow bb's down the market, pulling one out in mcdonalds and getting a boot in the neck from PC Plod so the papers can put it on the front page to sell another rag and make our sport out to be some kind of basement dwelling psychopathic wet dream for every daily fail reader to sh1t themselves about. The VCRA has done nothing to reduce violent crime, nor has it given the police any more power than they already had, it's so vague in definition, all it's done is harm honest and professional retailers, and players of the sport, and meant that the markets had to hide their mooty goods in a box under the table (because i've still seen plenty of RIF pistols in windows by the sea side and on tables at sunday markets for any tw4t to purchase with their pocket money) and put airsoft in the eyes of the legislators for what they can get out of it, ie, making it licensed or banned entirely a likelihood as time goes on - and i will say it's thanks to the UKARA team for defending the sport as it stands, so hats off to them for that. This is my last rant on the subject now and forever. So hope you enjoyed it
  9. Well by definition, there is no definition of what is classed as a 'valid defence' so essentially, it's only what is commonly accepted by retailers. "I am an airsofter, not a knobend" is my defence, i may even get it on a little laminated card.
  10. I believe the 'damage was done' when trying to implement a self service portal from the ukara website for players to self register - reducing the admin team/work required to maintain the DB input. That could require significant work to implement, but why it wasn't tested before go live just screams of inexperienced unprofessionalism (from an experience Service Delivery Manager, project manager and former veteran IT Technician's point of view) But whatever, it was always a f*cking farce anyway, a way for a clever group to skim some money off the top of a vague and fear mongering law.
  11. Hi all, Just hoping to get some experienced advice on a purchase i made rather quickly before thinking. The Army L85 A1/2 (SA80 for the hardcore) - is it any good? I am not expecting Systema PTW pro grade 400m supreme accuracy, 350fps on the nose, battlefield supremacy, that's for sure. But from what i've found online, there seems to be some hit and miss, some horror and some amazing reviews and i can't decipher what's what from it. It's a second hand, £140 AEG i've bought, i know it'll do approx 310fps and has the additional RIS front end, so good enough for what i was after, but does anyone know whether i've bought a lemon is what i think im asking? Churz! Si
  12. Come May 25th 2018, GDPR will replace DPA, and all hell is gonna break loose. But that said, and given that they have clearly communicated that there wasn't a breach, this topic has dissolved into impatience and heresay taking over. UKARA is down because upgrading servers is a nightmare, as i well know, and it's gone a bit wrong, as i know it does well, and it will be a faff to fix, as i can totally understand. So fair enough, but really, to upgrade a live DB is bad practice so i hope they add that to their lessons learned. As a retailer i wouldn't be expecting to pay for the service outage that's for sure, but i'm not one, so not my problem.
  13. I've always seen the UKARA Membership scheme as a way of charging retailers to do business, hiding behind the merit that it's a legality solution sure, but it's so lapse and with a law that is so easily bypassed in it's definition it hardly exists in that merit. The VCRA states what it states as we all know, but would be incredibly hard to enforce, it has never slowed me down if i'm honest, i've bought with and without membership, i've used "I'm an airsofter" as my sole defence, which is completely legal by the way and equates to about as much officialism as a site membership, and to top it off UKARA clearly wasn't being particularly well managed if it were hacked to the point it's been shut down under the guise of upgrades gone wrong (for like 6 months?!) if that is at all true, it's worrying what data has been leaked and may explain the rise in number of calls i've had about an accident i was in recently apparently... Anyone could provide a similar database, so you'd think they want to protect their business model fast before one of us steps in to the rescue. *starts learning SQL again*
  14. Dragunov for sale. Check my posts :)

  15. God, for their sake i am not going to do this, having dealt with breaches in IT for a companies before... I am shocked that UKARA haven't really announced anything though, kinda glad my details are out of date thinking about it.
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