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  1. would you do 280 if i collect?

    1. proffrink


      If you click his name and press 'message' you can do a personal message that only you two can see. This is public.



    2. PT247
  2. Hey pal I am loving that dinosaur at the end of the flash hider. Can you do these in different sizes? I have just bought a cm16 wild hog and it has a noise amplifier but would love one of these to over it. Can you inbox me so we could talk more about possibly buying one. Thanks.
  3. Haha yes. Thankfully (no offense my wife is from here) I am not from Essex I just live here lol
  4. Skirmish is OK, just not enough variety. If you love woodland only you will probs love it. CQB is OK but is over pretty quickly the rest of the game modes are all woodland play and nothing else. Skirmish is local and cheap with a good selection of rentals and an onside shop I have my ukara now but I will still play at skirmish.
  5. I live in Basildon pal. My squad plays every two weeks. We are heading to plantation on 2nd of October that will be our next game.
  6. Dye i4 I've heard produce great masks, however personal opinion I wouldn't recommend them, especially on hot days. I got myself a full face mask to start with and changed half way through the day buying a set of valKen eyepros and a half mesh mask. This was much more comfortable and I didn't fog up as much. This is however down to personal preference and opinion but this is what I found worked best. Hope that helps pal.
  7. Hi there I'm pretty new myself to the game but I'm also in Essex with my local being at Billericay. What is it you want to know I may be able to help.
  8. Hi all so I recently acquired an ICS 25 RAS and it's beautiful. It came boxed but did not have a manual so downloaded the manual from the ICS website. The manual recommended an 11.1 lipo for best performance, but the rif came with 3 9.1 batteries. The gun out of the box shoots very nicely with the 9.1 batteries but as soon as I put on my 11.1 lipo it double fires on semi and sometimes misfires. Is this a problem with the battery? Or should I just stick with the 9.1 batteries and just have slower fire rate? I don't have another 11.1 lipo to test with but I'm pretty sure it must be the battery if the manual is saying 11.q lipo is recommended. Thanks in advance for any advice guys.
  9. Hi guys new member to the forums and just thought I would introduce myself. My name is Paul and I'm a relatively new player to the sport, just got my UKARA on Sunday. I originally joined the forum as I have an ICS aeg for sale but these forums seem to offer up a lot of advice so I will be sticking around. Anyone based in Essex and play at skirmish, plantation or dragons lair hit me up if you fancy playing a game. I started playing after being interested for years and a bunch of friends said we should just go try it and I instantly fell in love with the sport.
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