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    M4s, AKs, L85, 1911, Rem 870, G3, G18C, Skorpion, M14, Sten, RPK, cut down M79, MK 23
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    1990s Bundeswehr , 1960s Nationale Volksarmee, 82 Pattern DPM, PAVN, Belgian SF, VC, Chechen
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    Base of Extinct Volcano

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  1. Just purchased a CYMA Dragunov.  Now for the inevitable DMR-ing and standing to one side of other projects for the new toy...

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    2. strykerles
    3. EvilMonkee


      Yeh but not at £200 when I can get a new one at £175 even if it is polymer, thanks for posting though, appreciate it.


    4. Tactical Pith Helmet

      Tactical Pith Helmet

      That timbered version looks briliant!


      I fancy a VSS too, but then again, I fancy a lot of rifs.  


      I gave in on the SVD when I was actually looking for a PPSh...

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