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  1. I have a G&G L85, easily the worst rif I own. Heavy, unergonomic, and unreliable. It lasted two short games and the ETU shat itself. Budget in a Perun at the least I'd say. On the plus side, it's a sort of favourite. For milsims it's a decent replica. I notice that my ex-infantry pal who fields one all the time, has no probs at all, re crap ergonomics. Being airsoft, the 'it's cool' factor is a major consideration.
  2. I imagine that some enterprising chap or chapess will be in local attendance, and willing to administer the appropriate jab for a hefty fee. That seems to be the way with the tests required for flying. Damn good question from a cost front alone! If one of your party is disinclined to be jabbed or whatever, the situation may become decidedly interesting and expensive. Of course post Brexit we also require medical insurance, and my AA European membership is only for a couple of days. After that it's extra. Its all a lot more expensive and complicated these days for various reasons.
  3. The last two AKs I bought from Patrolbase had been in stock at TG about two/three weeks previously. Both had those green stickers with Polish warnings on that TG affix to their rifs. One cost £200 from PB, £144 from TG. Given 2% duty, plus fees, plus 20% is a minimum of £176 with zero fees attached. At time of writing, TG only has three models of CYMA AK in stock. PB only has four. Just an example, but it's shit if you are after a particular model. Actually having it in stock is king.
  4. Here we go Jacob. Straight from the pferd's mund as it were. I received this from the German Customs Directorate. '...travellers from the UK to Germany or through Germany required a weapons permit issued by the locally competent weapons authority. This is usually the authority locally competent for the area where the hunters or shooters stay in Germany or - if the transit only - where they enter Germany. There are no simplifications applicable in such a case. From a customs point of view this is a temporary import, provided the goods (firearms) leave the EU again. There are no import fees on that. An oral declaration to customs is sufficient. Here you can find a list with weapons authorities in Germany:' https://www.nwr-fl.de/liste-der-waffenbehoerden-seite.html I discussed my travel plans with Mrs Pith Helmet. She is of the opinion that Berget is likely to be extortionate to attend. She has attempted cheap(ish) road travel in Sweden previously and recommended Border War in Czech Republic as an alternative if driving. It does occur to me that there must be plenty of milsims in Europe. Attending as a group may be a lot of fun. There are plenty of Polish and Portuguese players at my local site. Attending a game as a British team with local interpreter might be something to attend.
  5. Bed it in and then think about new mainspring and hop rubber. If you can't wait to work on it ,do the rubber straight away. TMs are a quality piece of kit. Not sure they need £350 of upgrades out of the box!
  6. His mum's unplugged the Amiga to plug the Dyson in. She won't be long. If he cleaned his bedroom more often there'd be less for her to do tbh.
  7. If you're dead set on using a strobe, but don't want to be thought of as a selfish silly sausage, try using a fairly powerful torch and blinking really rapidly. Has about the same effect.
  8. G&G's M4 based support gun uses a stanag compatible box mag running on CR123 batteries. Only used for a few hours so far, so just a cautious thumbs up from me for now.
  9. Anyone come across these before? I assume (hope) that they are actually plastic. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/174606728485?hash=item28a75f3d25:g:y7QAAOSwJ4hY-Ge5 Glass is an extremely complicated material, I imagine that .28g glass BBs are a possibility.
  10. My neighbour knocked on my door at 2am this morning and said, 'Rob, I can't fucking sleep.' 'Well it's your lucky night.' I said, 'I've got a good party going on here, come on in.'
  11. Yep very true. If the gas guns that I have seen are anything to go by, you can peer into the guts of them in the boot of your car pre-game, then at lunchtime, and again mid fire-fight in the afternoon. That said I don't know a huge number of people that use them. Is yours reliable enough?
  12. Careful with the li-po. The tops pull off the damn things if you are too forceful when inserting them into the adaptor. They are a huge improvement though.
  13. Those ASG chargers are bloody awful in my experience. Get yourself a decent charger and you might get away with a 1000mAh li-po all day.
  14. TBH I am tempted to do the same but I can't see things improving in the new year. Looking at the news, we may be treated to a new round of lock downs, staff shortages and industrial action before too long. I did notice (to the detriment of my wallet) that a CYMA I had wanted for months was back in at TG. About three weeks later it was in stock at Patrol Base. I wimped out and orderedit from there.
  15. Problem with you is your ridiculous optimism. Few boneyard rifs I've looked at are that good...
  16. Blimey, can't even get some camo gear from Germany. The seller returned my money and said that he had simply had too much stuff sitting on UK customs. Real shame as Russian surplus is cheaper by far over there.
  17. Sounds like a job for a decent mosfet to me.
  18. Filmsim at Tuddenham today. Pretty simple domination and timer based games today. TBH, it felt more like a standard skirmish than the usual filmsim, but fun nonetheless. Attended with the lad, his mate and an old friend that has not played for over a year due to covid restrictions etc. In the morning we had a standard but very clear safety brief. As a rule, these are of a rare kind. What they say they do usually actually happens. Chrono well before kick-off, so any issues with fps can be dealt with, and spare rifs can be fetched. Nice clear game brief delivered with a bit of humour, simple rules and a flashy magnetic backed map of the area/overhead photo thing. Whatever it is, it made knowing what do where easy. Game stared almost on time, which is nice. The armband team attacked a pair of positions with the aim of setting off a timer. I managed to run to one timer fairly early and pressed the wrong button, because despite the clear game brief, I have a crap memory. Once the timer had been correctly started, we moved to the next objective. With the first completed, I managed to work my way to the second timer. About twelve far pluckier previous attempts had failed, but these had led to the opposition giving away their positions. This was only possible due to some good teamwork and pretty clear communication, which is impressive for a random group of strangers I think. Whatever, the case, I was hit about five feet from the timer with the marshal counting down from ten. At the count of eight someone threw themselves through the hail of BBs and started to medic me, until the penny dropped... he realised that I was shouting to ignoe me and get the timer, which he dived at just in time for the countdown to end, and we lost. Seriously, it was hysterical. His seriously nice gesture used up too much precious time, the game had been great fun and no one seemed to mind taking the L. The next game turned around and was even more fun than the last. Having sussed the best spots that had blatted us previously, we swiftly set up position in them. An inability to stop talking by a couple of the players meant that we were swiftly discovered. I retook the position despite heavy fire from the lad whose mouth had lost it, as we had split up after respawning, and he had forgotten what I was wearing I think. The opposition soon played a really simple but clever series of flanking moves which almost surrounded us as we defended the timer. The amount of plastic flung was prodigious, we stuck out until the end. I think the morning was a draw overall? We may have lost, I don't really remember, if I knew at all. Lunch was too long, as it always is. Half an hour would be ample, but that may not allow enough time to drive to the nearest Mackie D's for ultra shit food. Being a cut above such behaviour, we had broccoli frittata, pork pies (with jelly), cold sausage and green tea, as per Healthy Airsofter's thread. Loads of protein and no carbs (OK apart from the crisps). If this carries on I may end up shopping in Waitrose or something. The afternoon was played in the village. This was a really great scrap over a chess timer type deal. At the close of play the timer in the shipping containers had about two minutes difference, which showed what a good scrap had developed around it. The second timer in the buildings was 100% held by the other side. Fuck knows what happened there. The turn around was well played and the fight over the containers even better. I was getting a bit knackered by now. Lack of sleep made me sluggish, but a new rif performed well, despite the inevitable hop setting palaver as it settled in. A new toy always makes a game good I reckon, especially when it turns out to be a snappily sharp little number. The loaned out and ever reliable G&G CM had a minor fit, it failed to fire as if the battery was totally flat, until I reminded the lad to select auto, as the 'fet is set to one shot burst. In semi it just sulks. Some really good gameplay saw the buildings well contested, with the front of the village lost and retaken by each side numerous times. A plethora of bangs were thrown. Smokes were slung. The teams ended up well mixed up as players went forward and showed some really spirited gameplay. Some moaning about none hit taking as ever, but TBH I think that such stuff usually gets raised when players get hacked off at losing each or nearly each game, which I think the banded team did. It seems odd to me to value winning over decent gameplay but there we go. Thoughts at days end. With wet foliage all damp deep green, russet and hues of autumn gold, DPM is still ten times better for Northern Europe than MTP. There are too few women involved in the sport, in winter when the girlfriends stay at home and only us fools still play in all weathers, it really stands out. There were far less kids too. The games themselves could have been less skirmishy and more complicated (says he who forgot which button to press). The marshals did an excellent job. Airsoft is an excellent way to catch up with old friends. The boy's friend borrowed a sniper and used one for the first time; he loved it. It's an idea to change what we do to sometimes perhaps, to learn how to enjoy the sport in new ways. Due to laziness, I used my old webbing comprising a large ammo pouch for spare BBs, speedloader and a mag, one fastmag, one holster and a water bottle, all in various camos. Radio on the webbing and what else do you need? Sorry for the ramble, just sharing a few thoughts arrived at after a post game Bloody Mary or two, sore back banished, cares forgotten for a while, laughs laughed and muscles aching slightly. Hope you enjoyed your airsoft as much today. It certainly beats a run around the local park for exercise.
  19. You'll likely upgrade the hop rubber on most guns that you buy. I expect that many players buy a few rubbers and nubs at a time and swap them in as a matter of course.
  20. In my humble opinion, the CYMA M14 is a fantastic rif, albeit a bit cumbersome. Decent hop unit out of the box etc. They always seem to shoot exceedingly well, and improve with modest fettling. I enjoy lobbing .30s through mine, with a scope fitted it performs very well. Bit heavy and long for throwing around in CQB, although it's all relative. Our grandfathers did room clearance with an SMLE and a foot and half of bayonet attached.
  21. I have the dreaded tinnitus too, usually quite mild, sometimes bloody awful. I played a game a couple of years ago where we used Mk9s. One was thrown straight at me and landed about three feet away. I was entangled in some shrubbery being sneaky and pretty hobbled. I put my hands over my ears and opened my mouth but the mesh over said lugs stopped my hands from doing much. As I decided to pick the thing up and throw it, it went off. It was not pleasant for many hours... At another game, my inner ear bud for my radio was hit. It doubled me up in agony. The effect of a BB on hollow plastic was like the sound of the world ending. The pain inside my head was tremendous. My tinnitus played up for days. I got some over ear active cans after that. They are a not perfect as the radio makes them buzz, but I prefer them to plugs. Also, in ear plugs do not save your ears from the pressure of loud noise that passes through the skull. Like you, it's bikes what did it. Straight thru shotguns and open face lid at leisure, despatch rider at work in the same shitty design lid for 50+ hours a week. None of this has stopped me de-baffling my current bikes. The sound of a big twin is still music to the ears.
  22. Actually thinking about it... Venom blueprinted and tuned Weihrauch rifles and Rigby did the same with Mausers, and both still do. WTF this has to do with the topic I'm not sure. Your comment just sent me off down memory lane.
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