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  1. Eenthuncob

    Condor plate carrier.

    Time Left: 1 day and 16 hours

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    For sale here is a Condor plate carrier It comes with 6 M4 pouches. Only reason I'm selling is that it is a little to big for me. Matt.


  2. Eenthuncob

    WAS are they with it?

    Didn't mean it to sound like that. I ment as in I don't know much about the brand's etc.
  3. Eenthuncob

    WAS are they with it?

    Thanks for the replies, you've all convinced me to get one of there plates. I'll have a look and see what I like the look of.
  4. Eenthuncob

    WAS are they with it?

    So I'm looking to upgrade some of my kit from cheapo and I've been looking at the warrior assault systems plate carriers and the question I've got are they worth the 100+ price range when compared to something like emerson gear? I'm not into the tactical equipment side of airsoft so would like some opinions and options on plate carriers if possible. Thanks.
  5. Eenthuncob

    M4 Magazine pouches.


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    For sale here are 4 quick release M4 Magazine pouches in tan. I've only used these on one game day and didn't like them so going to get something different. The can all lock into each other and hold the magazines very well, in mint condition and attaches to molle or a belt.


  6. It's 330-340 fps using 0.12g bbs according to jetdesertfox if that helps.
  7. Eenthuncob

    What do people think of the PTS Centurian ?

    If you can afford a TM get one and don't look back, I went from a Krytac which are fantastic guns to a 416 Delta Custom and don't regret the choice what so ever.
  8. Eenthuncob

    TM Recoil STANAG Mags

    Have they been painted or are they just well used?
  9. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Hi. For sale here is my Hi-capa, it all works as it with 2 gas right magazines. The gun comes with a holster and a hard carry case. Feel free to message me for more pictures/info. Matt.


  10. Eenthuncob

    TM hi capa slide not locking back.

    Might give a new slide a go then any good sites for slides can't seem to find any under £100
  11. Eenthuncob

    TM hi capa slide not locking back.

    One of the magazines is new so that shouldn't be a problem, like you said the slide is very worn. I've taken it all apart for a good clean so will put it back together. I'm guessing it'll be the slide and when racked manually which is slower then when it cycles it works. Thanks guys
  12. Eenthuncob

    TM hi capa slide not locking back.

    I've taken a couple of pictures of the parts that my be the problem.
  13. Eenthuncob

    TM hi capa slide not locking back.

    Answer to your questions mate. 1. Yes it does. 2.Yes it does. 3.no the slide doesn't lock back. As it's an old gun maybe it's the Catch like seany says. Will take it apart and have a look, will throw some pictures up as well for reference. Thanks for the help guys.
  14. Eenthuncob

    TM hi capa slide not locking back.

    I'll test it out tomorrow and get back to you, if I remember it doesn't do it all the time but enough for it to annoy me.
  15. Eenthuncob

    TM hi capa slide not locking back.

    Hi. Got a pretty old hi capa 4.3 that I bought about a year ago for cheap, works well apart from when the mag is out of bbs the slide doesn't lock back, as I'm a bit new to pistols what could my problem be? Thanks for the help.