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  1. Eenthuncob

    TM hi capa slide not locking back.

    Might give a new slide a go then any good sites for slides can't seem to find any under £100
  2. Eenthuncob

    TM hi capa slide not locking back.

    One of the magazines is new so that shouldn't be a problem, like you said the slide is very worn. I've taken it all apart for a good clean so will put it back together. I'm guessing it'll be the slide and when racked manually which is slower then when it cycles it works. Thanks guys
  3. Eenthuncob

    TM hi capa slide not locking back.

    I've taken a couple of pictures of the parts that my be the problem.
  4. Eenthuncob

    TM hi capa slide not locking back.

    Answer to your questions mate. 1. Yes it does. 2.Yes it does. 3.no the slide doesn't lock back. As it's an old gun maybe it's the Catch like seany says. Will take it apart and have a look, will throw some pictures up as well for reference. Thanks for the help guys.
  5. Eenthuncob

    TM hi capa slide not locking back.

    I'll test it out tomorrow and get back to you, if I remember it doesn't do it all the time but enough for it to annoy me.
  6. Eenthuncob

    TM hi capa slide not locking back.

    Hi. Got a pretty old hi capa 4.3 that I bought about a year ago for cheap, works well apart from when the mag is out of bbs the slide doesn't lock back, as I'm a bit new to pistols what could my problem be? Thanks for the help.
  7. Eenthuncob

    LVOA handguard in foliage green.


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    For sale: LVOA handguard in foliage green. It is in great condition i only bought this a month ago from another member on here but due to getting a TM i will no longer be using this on my Krytac, there are a few little marks on the handguard as seen in the picture, comes with locking nut and flash hider. i have never skirmished with it only attached it to my Krytac. Feel free to contact me for more info/photos.


  8. Eenthuncob

    Lose handguard TM 416 Delta custom

    All sorted now guys. Just needed tightening.
  9. Eenthuncob

    What are you looking for in Airsoft?

    Someone to buy RAF Scampton and turn that into a site.
  10. Hi guys. New to NGRS and I've recently got the 416 delta custom. Played my first game with it and thought it was incredible, get it home to clean the inner barrel out and find the hand guard is a little wobbly, I've read this is a common problem with them is it a simple fix? Or should I be thinking of sending it back? Thanks Matt.
  11. What batteries for TM 416 delta stock as my 2600mah is to big.

  12. Eenthuncob

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    This arrived today.
  13. Eenthuncob

    An interesting view of airsoft

    I get some points he's putting across such as some airsofters being snobby over gear, but to say that if you take it very seriously why don't you join the military! That seems a daft thing to say as people enjoy airsoft very differently and that the beauty of the game.
  14. Eenthuncob

    Krytac SPR mk2 foliage green.

    This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Hi there. Here is my well loved and looked after Krytac SPR, the gun has performed flawlessly through out the 3 years ive owned it, its completely stock apart from the PTS enhanced polymer stock which fits loads of batteries in it. It shoots very well and has great range and accuracy, I've been using .30s in it and it doesn't struggle to lift them at all, I haven't abused it in any way, always cleaned it after a game day and kept the barrel clean, the gun is very snappy and consistent, The gun come with 2 hi-caps which feed great and never had a problem with them, plus 2 batteries (7.4 1300mah lipo and 11.1 1300mah lipo) the gun is wired to deans, it also comes with the original box unjamming rod and rail segment to attach various bits and bobs. Reason for selling is i want a TM and wouldnt use 2 guns. Please feel free to ask any question or ask for me photos. Thank you for looking. Ideally looking for collection but could arrange postage if needed. Need this gone quick hence the price, Make me an offer.


  15. Eenthuncob

    Overshooting kids this weekend

    Are there even that many sites that allow full auto these days? No site I visit does and if they do they regulate it heavily.