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  1. My MWS didn't come with a sling plate able to put a sling through. Just a blank one.
  2. Second outing with MWS today and after using red gas (nuprol 3) it was fantastic couldn't get enough. Managed to get 2 full mags out of one gas (12c) which is what I'd expect, just looking for a good red dot now and should be perfect. Oh and a rear sling plate.
  3. Thanks will get one ordered and maybe the MK18 rail as well.
  4. I had a replica UBR a few years ago on my Krytac and yes they are heavy and hard to find unless you don't mind paying £200plus for a real one.
  5. Thats a lovely looking gun there, I'm right in thinking ill need an adapter ring to get the mk18 rail to fit?
  6. that does look nice with the MK18 rail on, I'm tempted to get a MK18 rail.
  7. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    For sale here is my Visionking short dot sight. I've only had the sight a few weeks and only used it for one game yesterday and didnt like not being able to use both eyes while shooting. The sight has no marks or scratches it comes with a QD mount, cleaning cloth and kill flash. £45 posted. Matt.


    grimsby - GB


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    For sale here is a Warrior Assault Systems triple magazine pouch that i bought a few weeks ago. It is no longer needed, it has only ever been fitted to a plate carrier to test fitment and never fielded so the condition is as new. price is £15 posted and questions let me know. Matt.


    grimsby - GB

  9. Thanks for the reply will get some red ordered.
  10. So had my first outing with my MWS today and it wasn't as smooth as I'd of hoped. Firstly I'm not sure if I'm filling the magazines up to little but 15seconds of nuprol 2.0 should be enough to fill it right? I only seem to get one full magazine out of a mag and thats with it getting abit sluggish towards the end. Also it doesn't really lift .3s like people have said is doesnt so will be getting a new nub. Other then that I enjoyed the function on the gun and the realism, didn't like my vision king short dot so will be getting rid and buying a t1
  11. Eenthuncob

    Tm g19

    Are all the mags gas tight?
  12. I'll keep my eye on those for reviews in the field as some few videos on YouTube ive seen dont show them in very good light. I'll just take my elcheapo cyma with me in case.
  13. I have thought of doing that but think it would be a pain after every fire fight. Will keep an eye out for some mags.
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