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  1. I havent the heard the best feedback regards JD. People waiting a long time for work and people in there being miserable and unhelpful.
  2. Need my electric M4 servicing and maybe a few things changed (barrel etc) I am in Tamworth Staffs and need somewhere local that are honest and will do a good job. Any recommendations?
  3. How do I get one of those helmet set up's???
  4. CYMA 702 is compatible with VSR upgrades??? Looking at potential upgrades.... what are good easy changes for a bit more range etc? Thanks in advance!
  5. Thanks! Planning on G18 with extended mag... keeping peeps heads down and maybe hit a few close up.
  6. Hi All, Me and few of my mates have recently got involved in airsost so thought I would jump on here and say Hi... so Hi! One of my mates has been into it for a while and has an M4 and gas 1911, he and my brother will be going the "assault" set up route. Me and my other mate have just purchased M24 style snipers, mine a CYMA 702 purchased from a nice chap on here! Like it says above we are midlands based and are wondering about any sites locally that cater for both assault and sniper classes.... we have one in our town which doesn't allow snipers which sucks as its 5 mins up the road. Been doing some quiet looking on here and the new beginners guides are very good and informative, says not get a sniper as your first gun... ive been shooting air rifles for years now so we shall see if that transfers at all. Hopefully be frequenting here a bit and keeping up to date!
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