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    airsoft wise: long and hard hitting rifles also small and fast semi/ automatic pistols and revolvers
    games: cs:go, squad, xcom (xcom enemy unknown and maybe xcom 2 when its out), counter-strike: condition zero and every game you can make explosives or use a sniper rifle in

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  1. im starting out and i need to know if i can use 3d printed knives also whats the best pistol as in what pistol like m1911, a glock a sig p226, 5-7 to name a few also what sniper rifles or dmrs are good like a scar l96 m24 and other sniper rifles i can only name some but i want to know what pistols, sniper rifles and dmrs are good.
  2. first airsoft equpiment rubber bayonet, mask and gas revolver/ aep g18c at the end of this year or maybe a week or two in to 2016

  3. painting the rubber knife i want to make a marble fade bayonet from csgo because rainbow knife and i need to figure my bf's loadout as well and he wanted a knife as well in a paint job i choose.
  4. Im about to get my first airsoft gun and im thinking about getting a rubber melee weapon or make a paper one ive seen some paper knives on youtube and i just want to know can i use paper ones or could i used a 3d printed one.
  5. Weapons i'm saving for: Glock 18c or m93r II M59a with 3-9x scope GL-06 costume....i don't know Other items that i'm saving as well for: mags bbs gas face protection i need help with the rest. what i do have: bright spray paint the colors of the rainbow
  6. im just going to post my loudout plans on general or loudouts if anyone wants to talk about airsoft instead of the English language.
  7. i'm making a rainbow sniper, glitter will give away where i am dear god boy that's taking it to far.
  8. ...this all started from me asking if i could make a rainbow rifle i cause to much chaos
  9. ok i searched it and i found a rainbow aa-12 and m4
  10. maybe and triggerhappy has a point what judge will start something about someone owning a airsoft gun covered in rainbows what RIF is covered in rainbows
  11. how about a mp5k riot shield m240 and a bikini XD
  12. heh fair enough maybe something less reveling and pg? i need to dive into my wardrobe
  13. ok once i got it painted ill post it here or ill just put it where ever its relevant and i might give i pic of me in the costume i decided to use. im the type of person who will go out of there way to mess with people for example play boy bunny hostess with a rainbow lmg or something idk ill figure it out in time
  14. i know i get it, i know 51% has to be one of those colors.
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