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  1. Going on the bean bag idea.... I have a leather foot stool I might fill with used BB's to try!
  2. Well got a CYMA 028 AK47 to start with, will put a better hop unit, spring and maybe inner barrel to get it to 350 and shooting better as a stop gap gun. Next is the C02 GBB Makarov, which should be in stock this month. I need to shift my ICS MP5 SD6 and get a 74u or Bizon. Clothes wise, not got that far. Got several options but money is a constraint. I am new to airsoft and do not really know anything about Mil Sim but would like to join you guys in the future if I am allowed. Will look for the FB page.
  3. So 47 for old style Russian loadout or 74 for modern.
  4. Thats a good website! Thank you!, I aim to have a Russian load out. Starting with a modern AK47, Makarov and eventually an SVD. Was doing some light research into Russian shotguns but didnt find much in the ways of airsoft so I may get an AK74u for CQB.
  5. The owner John. Explained that his tech guy is off ill and he does not have enough expertise to try and sort it. Fair play to him for being sound about it.
  6. So shop got back to me, said he will send me some springs or give me a refund. Was not expecting him to be so nice which has left me confused lol!
  7. I like that!, Must remember that one for my local site and see if the kids take a hit lol.
  8. Hid in a cupboard with a team mate. She called 50/50 to the enemy, I stayed quiet. Roll in a grenade which kills her as she had no hard cover but I was tucked in behind the door that was closed, wait for the shadow and popped out and put 2 rounds in his knees lol. Did that twice and got a 'Nice one you sneaky git'.
  9. Yeah the NBB Makarov is near on 400 fps! But the GBB should be about 320 fps. Will see what he says when he gets the stock in and chrono's them.
  10. The large group of Orange team, was that the BOA patch wearing guys? All on comms and stayed up stairs during the build a bomb game. The green team held the stairs and basement corridors very well, leaving us stuck and pinned back lol.
  11. How much is Co2 affected by temperature? Local shop to me is getting a Makarov Co2 GBB in for a good price.
  12. Well a couple of guys at my local site are up for a day in October. The Mall Marshals are pretty decent at letting large groups stay together. I would suggest Sunday the 11th or 18th October and get a full list going ( with non forum members on the list and try to get a 10 man team and go nuts)
  13. I had a black helmet, face mask and jumper with an olive mesh molle vest and dpm 95 trousers. The shotty was a non stock type ( I am not that big guy in bright blue shirt lol) Guessing as you are a regular you were green team? Oh during the game for getting parts to the trader I was in one of the shops in the cupboard and think the same guy went to check the cupboard and I jumped him. I am up for it again, think maybe fr a full first day it can get a bit crazy!
  14. Hi All, So I did my first day at Zed Adventures in Reading The Mall. I went with an ICS MP5 SD6 and a TM Shotty Which was all good apart from my torch is crap and broken already lol. First impressions. Mental looking! You enter in via a side entrance up a service corridor and straight into the safe zone where you can prep your weapons and tinker with your load out. The doors opened at 8:15 am and safety briefing starts at 9:30 am. What was not explained was that in that time you have to go and get your gun chronograph-ed but you must wear eye protection as the chrono area is on the game play area. This all being good me and James did the safety talk and then had to miss the first 15 mins of the game to get chrono checked. Right so that done, all good though my new MP5 is firing 275fps and the sellers website says 320. Now one of the lads at my local site has the same gun and his is firing 320 so I may message the seller about this. I do apologize now that my memory is utter crap and it being my first time at the site and first time in CQB I don't remember the games very well. The site it's self is good. Lots and lots of pitch black rooms in the basement and service corridors, a nice long concourse which you can use the shops to hold or take cover and then filter through using the corridors behind them. There is a big kids soft play area which is a good holding point for teams but this didn't work for us as the enemy team were too strong. you can get some point blank range or some longer range depending on what you like but don't expect woodland range. One game to mention was the Personality game but with a twist. So you have 5 personalities which are armed and solo hidden away at the start of the game. Both teams have to shoot them med the personalities and once that is done they have to work with the personality who has a list of 5 locations, now you have to get to those locations and hold it for 1 minute to score. If your hit you go to respawn and if the personality is hit he / she bleeds out for 2 mins unless med'ed in by either team. But on top of all that.... Terminator... Yep there was a terminator too! you can't kill him but he wont shoot you if you are passive and not with a personality. He had to go to locations to hold each point for 1 min but the funniest thing was he had an ultimate weapon.... a rubber duck! lol. He would 'knife' kill with Donald which is a humiliation kill. He had full auto whereas both teams were semi only. Marshals, they were very friendly and professional and I did hear a warning given out for blind firing. A few players moaned about most games being semi only and Luke the head marshal explained that people don't need 50 or 60 rounds to call a hit and its not as fun. I fully agree with him, I had a full auto burst in the leg at 5m away and it was not very pleasant since the player kept the trigger pinned even after calling hit twice and ducking for cover. Other games were things like collect the bits and bobs around and make a bomb (the more parts the bigger the bomb) or collect the bits and sell at the black market trader for points. Also did a zombie game. 6 v 60 odds. To sum it up its is fun, fast and intense and you have to try it maybe 2 or 3 times to decide if you would go more often. Marshals 9/10 (1 marshal per 9 players ratio) Site 8/10 Facilities 8/10 Games 9/10 I will go again but next time I will have a better torch and my own shotgun. (shottys are more fun!) Thank's to Raggedy Man for the use of his TM shotty. Brackish.
  15. Another pair of 95 trousers because I am no longer a 30 waist End of the month I should be getting a Makarov Co2 blowback
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