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  1. Used to hate the scrabs myself... A lot easier to play now than when I was younger! Paramite Pie anyone?
  2. I have a huge folder of PS1 games that my dad used to play. The most memorable for me are: Oddworld Abe's odyssey, Oddworld Abe's exodus and of course Pandemonium! This thread is making me want to dig the PS1 out... hmm...
  3. I've seen people do that. Fine as long as the other team has a similar advantage, at least at my sites!
  4. I've got a couple good ones from back in the day, when EBZ actually had sites to work with! Door breaching at EBZ Bexley M500 Standoff at EBZ Northfleet Though not technically allowed, this was bloody fun! I'm sure I've got some of my more serious days around here... honest!
  5. Yes, was the motor height. Moral: Never overlook the tiny screws...
  6. My rather small yet expensive collection. Custom Chinese Mossberg 500, steel charging arms and RS stock TM PSG-1 with systema internals 2 x KJW M9 (Nothing special...) TM P90, runs like a dream from stock with an 11.1v LiPo
  7. I dug out the PS1 a couple of days ago as it goes. Only game I could find was Spyro 2, not the greatest but still fond memories!
  8. Believe me, you do not know fun until you see a rental running down a corridor with 6 rounds chasing him
  9. Meet the twins - One Western arms (brown grips) and one clone (black grips). The muzzle brake on the black one was snapped off, but I will be getting a new outer soon...
  10. Not legal at all. You can be given one as a gift, but not pay for one or for someone to buy one. You'll have to wait till you're 18 I'm afraid.
  11. Very thorough Marksman! I look forward to reading through the whole thing!
  12. Thanks. Recommendations for future gear? I'm thinking combat gloves, helmet, and comms.
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