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  1. Happy Winter festival to all. Let your gods bless you and your guns shoot straight. May the Force be with you always.

    1. Tabitha


      You too Jedi Master.


      Found out yesterday that it was decided that I was too old for both Christmas presents / cards and too old for a Christmas meal so I will probably just spend some time on my lightsaber hilt and then probably just pick up a coffee and go to my vets. They've always got pups and dogs in over the holidays. Take a couple to our local rose gardens. They can stretch their legs and enjoy the run around and I'll sit and drink my drink and wish it were snowing.


      Enjoy your day.



    2. Jedi_Master


      Dogs, unlike children, are very good listeners who are easily pleased and grateful of company and walks. Hope that your day goes as well as it can. With a few days off work a little snow would be nice to have.

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