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  1. Hello! I didn't get the gun in the end, I bought a KRISS VECTOR, a TM M870 Breacher and a TM Recoil instead haha!
  2. Hehehe. Basically SAI (Salient Arms International) do these for the real steel Glocks and they cost like $2,000.
  3. I asked the kind chap at Knight's Airsoft Armoury to build me a custom SAI Glock. WE Glock 17 GEN 4 SAI Redbackone Slide SAI Outerbarrel SAI Trigger Kit SAI Guns Modify Minimilist Magwell Mapleaf inner barrel and hop-up Undercutting Striplling RMR Sight + Surefire X300 Replica Torch (not pictured) http://imgur.com/a/VLUen
  4. Hey! Yes all fine! Got £90 of the gun.
  5. Hey, I looked at Airshooters, nothing on there. I have asked a friend who owns an airsoft store. Could always buy an adapter for now!
  6. It appears not... haha I would have thought being a wholesaler and all.
  7. Hi All, I just bought a Ace 1 Arms OSP Suppressor, and I misread the thread mm for my Vector, instead it should be 16mm CW. iWholesales have it advertised on their site... I was wandering if they could sell this to me, if I called up?!
  8. Just seen "Brain Exploder"s YouTube, he uses Mobius Cams, which look like quite good quality. Taking my new GoPro to UCAP this weekend - will let you know how I get on. Hopefully the 2 SDXC card, 4 batteries, and the BacPac will work - hopefully they can be charged in my car via USB.
  9. The problem is that they got me with that, as there's hardly any left. I'll have to speak to them and see if they can refund something for the used NEW gun. But I still love it.
  10. That would sort of suck if they were, if you see the picture above of the Vector, it should have plastic full around the bottom... what should I do?
  11. Thank you very much. The gun was actually from Wolf Armouries in the UK, but still if I could have waited it would have been cheaper from anywhere else than the UK - but I just spent over 4 hours searching. So I gave up, and paid full whack. Gonna call them to get partially refunded, as the magazine bottom plate is broken and it shows signs of use - hardly any use, but just a bit - which is a shame, I anticipated an untouched tank of a gun. Well yes you're quite right, 19 - work in the NHS and am single
  12. Don't say that! It's a piece of gear nonetheless and hopefully with some pouches and stuff it will look good.
  13. I see what you mean, but I love it. So far shooting the only mag I have is enough to wet myself with pure excitement. And thank you It is a GBB, and I use Green Gas with it. So far it is a lovely gun, and in full auto, semi or burst it feels amazing. The charging handle is awesome. I've bought 5 more mags from Hong Kong. This will be main weapon for my CQB site. Shame about the 50rd capacity, but it is a bloody lovely gun. Thinking about how much I have spent so far, don't regret one penny. Apart from... after examining it I believe it has been used... before me BUT THATS KAY I LUVZ it.
  14. IT'S HERE! Isn't Chris beautiful? (KSC) KRISS VECTOR.
  15. Ahh right, thanks for letting me know! Hmmph I thought the KSC model was for Japan use, as their FPS rules are about the same - don't have a chrono for it.
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