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  1. So....I went to send my rifle back to,land warrior (that's another story) at the post office. Walked in, there's 2 counters, 2 girls at one counter posting something and the other free. It was all going well until she asks " can I ask what your sending for security purposes" .......errrrr......an airsoft rifle, I said. I got a blank look and can see the other assistant and the 2 girls looking at me. "It's kind of like a paintball gun" was the only thing I could think of saying. I can now feel everyone staring at me harder......the she screws her face up and says "ooooo, I don't know if we can send guns.......Tracy can we send guns? " so they get there little sheet of prohibited items out and start talking out loud about if they can send weapons. So I tried to defend myself " it's not really a weapon it's more of a toy" (I know....I don't know why I said that) to which the stares intensified even more. I got even worse when she asked "how much the toy was worth" and I told her £320 . Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse she checked the postcode and conformed she was sending it to .....and I quote....."land warrior arse oft" Christ......I think I'll just drive up to Scotland myself next time rather than go through that trauma
  2. Hi Shiz, I've just seen your post tonight. First of all can I say thanks so much for taking the time to write such a detailed and informative post. I actually sent her back to LWA to fix the problem and to do the spring upgrade at the same time. They have had it nearly 2 weeks. I did email them last week to ask about progress and they said they had been busy but the work would be done sometime last week. I still haven't heard anything...... Anyway, back to the other issues, when I said sticking on full auto, I mean it didn't stop firing when I released the trigger , not the gearbox locking. I didn't notice any water in the stock but it's possible there was.......I've read a few things about the gen 3 mostest being shat and burning out even totally dry! The battery's where totally fine. I always swap at lunch and so it had barely been used.....I even tried it with a fresh battery when I got home just to check but with. The same problem. I think I do need to change the mosfet by the sounds of it, and everything else you said sounds like the sensible way to check but it does sound terribly daunting to me as I've only been playing a few months and have virtually zero knowledge and experience of dismantling a gun. Don't want to learn the hard way on a £320 rifle. I guess I'm going to have to learn if it's going to take weeks for lwa to sort it out! Cheers for your help
  3. Thanks for your previous advice on upgrading my new gun (top tech t4-18) however things seem to have gone a bit tits up. I played this Sunday in the rain. Didn't have any problems until the last game at the end of the day. She started firing 3 round bursts on semi and sticking when fired in auto. The guys at the sight gave me advice about it might be, but before I contact the shop (it's less than a month old) has anyone any ideas/simple solutions/ similar experiences? I've tried removing the front rail and stock and letting it dry but no joy........
  4. Well......it might have to go back now anyway. Today at the end of the day, she started firing in 3 round bursts in semi and when on full either didn't fire or sticks firing in auto. I've been told it might be moisture but also the mosfet or something might be gone......great
  5. You saying I'm ugly? Ha ha, nah, your right, I am single. No one to tell me I can't go airlifting every week or have cushions that you can't actually sit on. Hell.....I even leave the toilet seat up some times!
  6. Hi guys. Just thought I'd say a quick hello. I've already had some help from some of you about upgrading a spring so I thought I'd sign in. What has this sport done to me? I played for the first time about 2 months ago. I've been every weekend since and have bought all sorts. Safe to say I'm hooked. I've a big list of things to buy month by month......God help my bank balance!
  7. I don't know tbh. I was hoping to have a bit more of a chat and some advice but I guess he must have been really busy because I got just a few words. I didn't want to keep mailing back if he was busy.
  8. Well.....I emailed LW and explained the situation, would they recommend it etc and the reply was "Hi we do a upgrade service to higher the fps for £35"...... I replied asking if it would affect the warranty and the reply was no. Still not sure if I did it myself or got someone local to do it then that would be ok or not or if I should go through the trauma of boxing it up and mailing it to them"............ Hmmmm, what to do........
  9. Thanks for the advice guys. I'll give land warrior a buzz and see what they say. Yeah, it was measured with 0.2 blasters. Don't get me wrong, I love the gun and can't really complain about the accuracy and range and I realise its not all about fps........but surely if I'm happy with everything else, the extra fps can only be a good thing right?
  10. Hi guys..... First post.....basically I'm a noob. I've played every weekend for the last 2 months and I'm hooked! After getting my ukara I've bought a shiny new top tech t4-18. The place bought it from chronoed it at 313 fps. Is there a spring upgrade I could do to get it closer to 350 and would this be worth it? Cheers in advance
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