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  1. Think someone is trying to hint about full face pro. 3 years never a bad head hit. Last 2 weeks, split chin and a hit just below/beside my left eye that left a massive lump and cut.

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    2. ghostwalker


      I just can't make up my mind what to do. Normally wear ballistic glasses but with anything other than a cap they steam up badly.

    3. djben9


      I’ve tried sawflies and they fog as soon as I put them on, currently wearing locust fan goggles but nothing is perfect and everyone will have differing experiences 

    4. proffrink


      I too use Revision Locust goggles and they're the best I've had (but not perfect). Applying antifog at the start of the day and half way through helps. Lots on the forums already about this if you want to have a search.