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  1. Underwear change required. Using a compressor (set to 3k psi with auto cut off) to fill my 3000psi bottle for the 1st time. Whoosh 5k burst disk ruptures. I nearly go deaf and damn near sh!t myself lol

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    2. Lozart


      Absolutely! I used to work at a wind tunnel - we had a 1000bar compressor that blew a blanking plate off the top of the tunnel. 10" round, flat plate bolted on with a bajillion bolts and it just completely disappeared!

    3. Tactical Pith Helmet

      Tactical Pith Helmet

      I used to work with cast fittings at silly pressures.  We once had a batch of ball valves with no balls in them.  Since they were small control valves no one noticed until the system was pressured up.  Some idiot had re-boxed Chinese knock off rubbish and sold them unchecked.  It happened a lot.  We always bought rupture discs and lifting gear from the manufacturers direct as a result.  As Rog says, 40% over spec and its really not funny!

    4. ghostwalker


      Oh absolutely. I would prefer it goes before the 5k limit rather than after it. A small couple of pence disc popping is much more preferable than a large aluminium cylinder sending frag everywhere. On the plus side, new burst discs purchased and fitter and tank filled without any further drama.

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