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  1. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    WE 1911 with 4 gas tight mags, nuprol holster, 2 double mag pouches, compensor and hardcase. Nothing wrong the gun just thinning my collection. £110 Inc postage and fees. PayPal only.


    East Grinstead

  2. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Brand new KWC co2 Makarov Airsoft Pistol NBB still with box. Bought the makarov as a whim but having a non blowback just doesn't feel right. I've not shot this gun or even put a co2 cartridge in it. £70 Inc postage and fees. PayPal only.


  3. All of us are aware that we're going to receive a surplus of hits sometimes but not at the level he delivered. By the way being the person on the recieving end of your idea of fun isn't fun.
  4. Who really needs YouTube when you can relive the day down the pub with team mates.
  5. No we could burn it while he's wearing it. Well this thread is turning very childish but also very therapeutic.
  6. Can't we just burn his patch?
  7. Unfortunately I've just watch another one of this videos where he's tagged along with a decent airsofter. He makes the other guy look as much as a dick as he is. Dicking Has-been Sorry just couldn't help myself.
  8. I've met the prick in person..... he is.... a prick not a god.
  9. It's a gun I'd like in my collection but I couldn't enjoying using it after seeing this vid.
  10. I'll just leave this here. Am I getting soft or is this man a 🤬?
  11. Time Left: 31 minutes and 39 seconds

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    Looking for a Russian 6B27/26 helmet or other Russian helmet.


  12. Bought this Gorka from https://www.grizzlymanshop.com , told the wife it was for dog walking. Seems to be better quality than the Bar Gorka, definitely a better fit.
  13. I fully understand everyone's points. Thanks.
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