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  1. Is it enough to be worth while? Or shall I just shout and swear more lol?
  2. Is it actually a worth while difference ?
  3. The more noise the better! I like the idea of being able to change the sound output depending on the situation. I might buy a cheap one first to make a decision regarding real investment later on.
  4. Is the loud enough to be considered worthwhile?
  5. Hello all, I'm going to be buying my first RIF in a couple of weeks. Playing at Billericay yesterday, somebody had a Firehawk that sounded AMAZING. I'm therefore interested in a sound amplifier, but am wondering how well they work? I'm looking at a G&G R8-l by the way.
  6. Ridiculous post - the current law is more than fair currently. Only somebody looking to use a RIF incorrectly would post this. Irresponsible
  7. I like long walks on the beach, Neil Diamond & wasting money on airsoft gear
  8. I only live round the corner, and will be there early... 3/4 sleeve on left arm... Will have a gym bag with a M15 popping out lol
  9. Your gun is the way you want people to recognise you? Not the massive ginger beard?
  10. Me & Ellzzg are going again if you want to team up... I've had mass gear deliveries in preparation!
  11. You can get an ASG flash mag for £15 if you shop around, I was really impressed with it last Sunday.
  12. You should always wash your balls before using them. Ladies appreciate it
  13. Some great ideas here, thanks all. I bought a camo cap which was delivered today, I suppose I could do some adjustments to add protection. As my collection grows, I will want to look the part so will invest in a proper helmet. True story - my Dad gave up motorcycling because wearing a helmet was so uncomfortable for him, even open face ones. 2nd true story - the doctors thought I was deformed in the womb because my head was so large. 3rs true story - I was like a power pod as a child Pleased to say I look fairly normal now lol
  14. I also wear martial arts style junk protection. mrs haze wouldnt be interested if i came home with a load of welts on my bell hahaha That's a small target, I don't think you run much risk 😂
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