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  1. Well the pictures look beautiful, I’ve just got back from a cycling weekend & my other half missed the postman (she has been in a lot of trouble)...can’t wait to see it in the flesh tomorrow. The abs is great, but I much prefer the realism. The TM one is far superior to the WE version I had in performance, but I keep picking up the WE. Fingers crossed. Ill let you know how it turns out.
  2. It’s not a guarder kit no. I bought an SAI FRAME & slide kit by Prime from Boom Arms Airsoft. I will be gutted if it doesn’t work with it all.
  3. Thanks Heroshark, I’ve ordered some 9ball routes, so I’ll see what effect they have. I also have a slide & frame kit coming for it, so that could change everything again going from plastic to metal.
  4. I do still have it yes. The take down pin snapped in half so it needs a new one & the hammer unit hasn’t got any tension on it so the hammer doesn’t return all the way. i spoke with someone at fire support who said it’s an easy fix, but I was going to have a look myself before I send it to them (if at all).
  5. Right ok, I have just found what you’re referring to. I will get a pack & see how I get on. Thanks a lot guys. Much appreciated.
  6. Ok, so that went completely over my head lol. Would you mind sending me a link to the products you’re talking about? Thanks
  7. Hi Stew, Thanks for the reply. That makes me feel better. It’s crazy how much difference it makes. It’s really accurate with the TM mag. I’m now totally sold on TM (I love my 416). I don’t think I can just keep the WE mags when I know how much better the TM ones are. How much do you think I could sell them for? Do you think anyone would buy them for say £15 each (nearly 1/2 price)? Thanks again.
  8. Hi Guys, I’ve been lurking around the forum for ages now & am now nearly there getting all my gear together to start playing. i bought a WE F226 about a year ago along with 3 extra mags. I managed to break it last week so I ordered a TM P226 as I thought I would be able to benefit from the 4 existing mags. Firstly I know a lot of people bang on & on about how good TM’s are, but seriously what a difference between the two...it’s brilliant. i can hit a very small target at 30m no problems. I was getting a bit exited with the plinking & changed mags to a WE one. Firstly it fits fine, however the accuracy & range dropped off considerably. i checked the bb’s to make sure I’m using all the same weight...& I am. can it really be just the magazine making all this fluctuation. I am hoping I don’t have 4 useless paperweights on my hands. Does anyone have anyone have any thoughts? Thanks in advance Chris
  9. That looks great. I’m also very interested in what you did it. have you changed the sights? I have been searching for some raised ones for ages.
  10. Hi, did you you ever get anywhere with this? i have spent ages looking, but can’t seem to find any sights that fit. Thanks Chris
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