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  1. Marf83

    Tm mws l119a2

    How much are you looking for?
  2. I pm’d you & no response. Is this still available? Many Thanks
  3. Lozart that’s a great help thanks. I’ve just ordered an FMA fast XL in a-tacs ix...beauty. Thanks again
  4. Pure silver you legend, thank you very much for your reply it helped me out considerably. I have purchased the 10.5” rail from the website you linked (which I had never heard of). I really didn’t want to compromise the length as I play a real mixture of environments. thanks again much appreciated
  5. Thanks guys, very helpful. I have just been sent a link to this...any experience? https://www.tacticalxmen.com/products/fma-caiman-tactical-helmet-for-52-62-head-circumference
  6. Hi Guys, I I have a fairly large head, 60cm (ish) & I’m struggling to find a fast type helmet that fits comfortably. I have bought & returned 4 now. I have kept a Nuprol fast helmet as it is just about doable with no extra padding in, on the loosest setting. Although I do get a headache after I’ve been playing for a bit. has anyone got any suggestions on what & where to buy. thanks a lot
  7. Hi Guys, so I have had my TM 416 devgru for a while & im looking to upgrade/change the front rail, mainly due to the chunky feel of the TM one. I have had a look online & seen options from Dytac & Hao being reviewed which look good. I bought a dytac rem style rail, unfortunately it ended up being too long (13.5”, rather than 10” as stated). the shop I bought it from didn’t seem to know whether they could get a 10” one so I have been looking myself & pretty much drawn a blank. I have 2 questions: 1) Should I/how easy is it to change the overall length of the gun? Is it as easy as me keeping the new rail & buying a new inner & outer barrel. What about the gas bits? 2) what rails have you guys put on? What should I buy & where from. thanks in advance Marf83

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    2 sold & 2 have gone to a new home. £15 each + postage. original post: I have switched pistol platform & no longer have a need for these. 4 x WE P226 mags purchased from Patrol Base. I want to get rid of them all & will take £50 for the lot or £15 each. P&P negotiated depending on how many you buy.


    Derby, Derbyshire - GB

  9. Well the pictures look beautiful, I’ve just got back from a cycling weekend & my other half missed the postman (she has been in a lot of trouble)...can’t wait to see it in the flesh tomorrow. The abs is great, but I much prefer the realism. The TM one is far superior to the WE version I had in performance, but I keep picking up the WE. Fingers crossed. Ill let you know how it turns out.
  10. It’s not a guarder kit no. I bought an SAI FRAME & slide kit by Prime from Boom Arms Airsoft. I will be gutted if it doesn’t work with it all.
  11. Thanks Heroshark, I’ve ordered some 9ball routes, so I’ll see what effect they have. I also have a slide & frame kit coming for it, so that could change everything again going from plastic to metal.
  12. I do still have it yes. The take down pin snapped in half so it needs a new one & the hammer unit hasn’t got any tension on it so the hammer doesn’t return all the way. i spoke with someone at fire support who said it’s an easy fix, but I was going to have a look myself before I send it to them (if at all).
  13. Right ok, I have just found what you’re referring to. I will get a pack & see how I get on. Thanks a lot guys. Much appreciated.
  14. Ok, so that went completely over my head lol. Would you mind sending me a link to the products you’re talking about? Thanks
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